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I will use to promote my niche website.
But whre I can set my link back to my niche site in blö

In my profile/about me? In every post in wrote?
Can i set a link to my niche website in every post? How I do it?

Can anyone give me here an to do example/ tip?

with best wishes
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    Originally Posted by marco005 View Post

    I will use to promote my niche website.
    Just a question, Marco, but why? :confused:

    Why not, instead, use something just as good, and just as free of charge, that doesn't give you all the problems of using Blogger as part of your backlinking strategy?

    If they think you're using a Blogger blog for backlinking purposes and/or to draw traffic to another site, it will only get deleted as soon as someone (a competitor?) "flags" it. It may never happen, but why chance it unnecessarily when it's so easy to avoid it?

    Originally Posted by marco005 View Post

    Can anyone give me here an to do example/ tip?
    A tip: yes ... read this thread. And many of the points made in this one.

    Don't imagine that the fact that you're planning to use Blogger only as part of your backlinking strategy will obviate the problems highlighted there: as many Warriors have found, it may simply make them worse.

    And don't imagine that the high page rank of Blogger's own home page will give your pages there the same page rank: it won't. No more than an article at Ezine Article will get a backlink from EZA's own home page - your backlinks will be on a PR-0 page, just like a EZA article.

    As you can see from the threads linked to above, you can do better elsewhere.
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    Hy Alexa,

    A great Sunday to you.

    Yes, I want not only use blogger com and yes I only write and promote my content first on my own website, absolutely. From fastattack links wso, I have become more tips on this, to become multiplicators for my own content, for traffic and backlinks.

    Thank for your tip and help Alexa. I use other ways, to get my own articles on my hosted website fast indexed, but I not will use theese social share buttons, bookmarks or so, not.
    Time is money.I must be very fast indexed my articles, before I will spread it to other multiplicators.

    I can use ping or rss feeds.(here is a plugin,who always put my author backlink in every feed)! I think my articles must be fats indexed with rss, so I dont need other owner platforms like blogger, squidoo and so on.

    best wishes
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