Created a review site - how to get reviews now?

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Hi there,

There is so much collective experience on this forum. Please, give me some suggestions on making my website take off.

I'd like to change overall design of the site. I need to ask visitors to write new reviews. Currently, the site is presented in a way as if it already had many reviews. But it dos not have almost any.

May be changing the front page. It should be about writing new reviews, building online community, asking questions in forums, etc. The front page should send the strong message to parents - that it's now up to them to make this service work - that they have to
contribute, add reviews and content.

I think I need to change the overall theme of the website to be more appropriate to current situation.

It should be a website about "writing new reviews" not about "reading existing reviews".

So I need some ideas - marketing type of ideas - to change the design of the site to help us get more reviews there. To change people's expectations and to make them write the reviews.

Can you help me with this?

The site is here: calgaryschoolreviews dot com

I'm open to any suggestions. If you have some ideas about making this
site work, please, let me know.

Thank you,
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