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Can anyone offer any tips how to stay organised?

Do you use any software?

Thanks in advance,
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    Organization is a function more of mind than software. What I do is so simple
    and requires nothing special other than a spreadsheet or even notepad.

    Each night before I go to bed, I go over what I have to do the next day. I
    then make a checklist in order of priority from most important to least

    If there are any special tools I will need to perform the task, I will make a
    note of what they are and where they are located (either on my PC or

    I will make any additional notes that I need to make so that I don't forget

    I will allot myself X number of hours for each task. I will not going over
    that time unless it is an emergency and has to get done that day. This
    rarely happens.

    As I said, organization is not something that's accomplished with a piece
    of software. It's accomplished through planning and discipline. Are there
    things out there that can maybe make the charting process easier and
    even set reminders for you? I guess. But I haven't found the need for
    them as of yet
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    Hey I don't use any software but what I did start to do just a few months back was to create a printout fill in the blanks kind of thing were I was able to write out my main goal then break it down into smaller chunks which was easily achieveable.

    I used to get very little done because I was always distracted but if you write everything down that you need to do you have a plan to stick to and get done.

    Hope this helped.
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    I agree with Paul. I like Tiffany's organization tips and actually printed it out to hang near my computer. Any organization tips that includes a nap, such as Tiffany's does, gets my vote!
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      Thanks for the tips

      How about managing all of your weblogs and programs etc.

      I hate not being in control and with about 10 websites i don't feel 100% in control with managing everything.

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    I think some use google calendar to make a to do list everyday. I think is good to use cause its free and also it will remind you to the tasks needed to do everyday.

    With your sites just figure your which ones are most important to check daily or every other day and those only that need weekly or every 5 days to attend too. All about priorities
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    Strangely, I find I have to be organised on paper rather than on the computer.

    I have an A4 page a day diary. I write my appointments in there, but also my to do lists. Each day I have two lists: a daily action list (things I do every single day), and an other action list. With the A4 diary I still have space left to write notes, make mind maps, whatever else I need to note down as I work through the day.

    I know lots of people who use computer programmes, or PDAs, for this... but nothing works as well for me as the A4 diary for some reason.

    Always plan tomorrow before going to bed tonight. Do the things you're not looking forward to first. Keep going until everything's done.

    Each day, I go to yesterday in my diary and note in how many visitors each of my sites had, how many subscribers, where the visitors came from, etc. That way I can look back and see patterns between what I'm doing each day and the results I'm getting.



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      It pen and paper for even though if you work in IT people expect you to use a PDA.

      Definately putting the next days tasks down, even if you dont get them done they are there to remind you and carry forward again.

      Bitesize chuncks also, always break the task down into smaller ones.

      Also- theres nothing like putting a line through something completed for that sense of achievment
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