Could I make a email list from a youtube video about UFC & MMA fighting?

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I have a youtube video that gets around 300 views per day. I have in description a link to a clickbank product about starting your mma fighting at home. But no sale.
So... It would be better for me to create a squeeze page and offer them a free training lesson, or what should I do?
Anyway, I`m thinking that this niche isn`t profitable. Everyone is looking to watch fights on youtube...
Any thoughts?
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    i think that most people who watch sports are not actually looking to become the next MMA fighter... so perhaps offering them training lessons isnt the best route. Perhaps setup a squeeze page offering them weekly news on UFC or maybe ask them to sign up to receive notifications of new videos you post... then u can send offers every now and then.

    Anyhow you can easily think of 3-5 different offers/solutions and test each one over a span of two days, then pick the one that gets the most subscriptions.

    Good luck,
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    I wouldn't give up on the niche. I've heard that it's pretty profitable. Just keep testing. You'll hit something that works. You can try mma news, mma clothing, mma collectors items, etc. Don't give up on it.
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      This is a profitable niche...keep trying different ideas and you will hit something...good luck!
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    Wasnt there a guy a month or so ago on here, that got a UFC video done on fiverr with a voice over and made a little money from that?? seems like a good idea, $10 or so bucks spent to make a few hundred back from memory.
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      thanks for the great replys guys :p
      yeah the mma training won`t work, but mma & ufc clothes it`s a good option, and a profitable one. i`ll try a few things and see which one works.
      when i`ll start making $100 per day from this video, i`ll let you know

      "At the end of pain is success." E.T.

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    I love UFC and MMA. It has a lot of potential I bet.

    Seeking my teeth into all this great information.

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