The 3 main purposes of your website

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If you're struggling to think of ways to optimize your website, it always helps to go back to the reasons why you have one in the first place.

A good product or service website should never just be an online catalog of your offerings. To maximize your sales, you need to make sure that you are using your website to it’s fullest potential. There are three main purposes that your site should fulfill;

1. Customer Acquisition

Winning new customers. This involves the whole process of converting your site visitors into paying customers. Your website, and especially your copy should clearly communicate what you are offering. You should outline the benefits of your product or services and provide relevant information on the right pages. Your entire website should be geared at helping people to buy the products or services that they have come looking for. Your website is also a brand building tool, so remember to clearly portray your image and what you stand for.

2. Customer Retention

Keeping customers. You can increase the chances of a customer buying from you again by using timely reminder emails, promotional offers and incentives for them to keep coming back to your site. A weekly newsletter gives you the ability to deliver relevant and useful information containing good reasons for your subscribers to come back. Use your site as a communication tool, to get closer to customers. Through it you can learn more about them, customize content for them, and keep the conversation flowing. Make it easy for customers to communicate with you through your website by using such tools as a contact form, call back request forms, live chat, a forum and a facility for customers to check their order status easily if you sell physical products.

3. Customer Extension

Selling extra things to customers. You can really boost your sales by selling other relevant products or services to the same customer. By using your existing information about the types of things that were previously purchased, you can get a good idea of other products or services (or upgrades) that your customers might be interested in, and present these things before, or in followup emails after the sale. If you aren't working on customer extension, then you are leaving loads of potential profits on the table.
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    Dude, you forgot making you look cool. That's the only reason I have a website. To make myself look cool. ;^)
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    You forgot this can be only if you want your website to make money.


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