Promoting Webinar W/Small List, Traffic etc.

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In early November I started a new site/business that is totally opposite of what I've been doing for the past three years. Thus far, it's been a challenge. Basically up until now, traffic was easy because my partners and I found a wide-open opportunity in our niche. That project is doing great, so I wanted to add another project to my portfolio and thus have created a new business in a new niche, and it's literally an experience of starting from square one.

That said, I've scheduled a webinar for later in the week for my very small list in this venture (less than 20) but obviously want to use it to help grow some more leads/sign-ups to the list and my brand.

With such a small starting point, what are some ideas for getting a decent amount of people to tune-in. This is not a sales pitch webinar, but rather an interactive session with a pitch at the end to sign-up for some coaching.

From the obvious methods..

- I started an Adwords campaign purely as a test... but clicks ain't cheap on the ole Google machine, thus I don't find this to be a viable option.
- Facebook ads have worked in the past, but again, they can be pricey.
- Social media following is somewhat limited.

Does anyone have some other ideas/techniques/methods to help boost the enrollment in this free webinar?

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