Warrior Special Offer or Warriors for Hire: Where Should I Post?

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Hi all,

Well, the post title says it all. I'm looking to attract higher-paying article writing clientele. Where do you think the opportunity for landing these clients is maximized? Thanks for your feedback,

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    Either or both can be very effective. It all depends on your price point and the services you offer. I'd suggest you spend a couple of hours on each of those two forums looking at what the competion is doing and formulate a plan after "proven success." Why reinvent the wheel?
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    I would suggest posting in Warriors for Hire first, not only is it cheaper but you will get Warriors going there specifically to look for someone to do work for them. The WSO section is supposed to be where people get offers for considerably less so if you're looking for high paying clients I don't think this is the right place.

    Also look in the section where Warriors post jobs and keep an eye out in other sections of the forum as Warriors are constantly looking for good writers, then you can PM them with your offer.
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      When I'm looking for someone to hire, I'll only look from Warriors for Hire section. Because Warrior Special Offers section is where I look for special offers or freebies (digital).

      Just for your information, to make a new post in Warrior for Hire section, it costs $20 and your post will be reviewed before it's published live.

      And to be able to make a new post in Warrior Special Offers section, you're required to become a War Room Member first, which costs you $37 - it expires after 20 years! And then you still have to pay a $40 for a post in Warrior Special Offers.

      Hope this helps.
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    Doing a service as a writer? Then go for Warrior For Hire.
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