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Hey guys just wondering what you thought to the idea of offering a lite version of your ebooks for free to increase leads or sales? This seems to work in iStore with apps, similarly it works for programs like traffic travis too, is there any reason it shouldn't work with ebooks then?
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    I'm sure it would work, as long as you make the lite version compelling enough. It's just like creating a teaser video to get an opt in before delivering the "goods" video.
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    very common strategy to offer some - or even almost all - of your content as an opt-in incentive

    people will pay for the last 10%, if that 10% tells them "how"...
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    I have seen it done where the first chapter is given free. If you look at the back of novels that is what the pros do to get you to buy their next book.
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    Great idea. I also have noticed that it is common for author's to give away portions of a book, primarily the first chapter. When I go online to Amazon.ca (Amazon's version in Canada) to research a book, there often is an option that allows me to "take a look" at some portions of book before deciding whether to purchase. It certainly is a helpful service.

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