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Good Morning (or afternoon)!

I am doing 100% article marketing. I have noticed in the last few days that my website is ranking higher than some articles for their keywords. According to Google Analytics, 35% of my website traffic is coming from organic listings. I'm thinking this is a good thing. Am I correct?

Can someone put this into perspective for me? I understand that this is what we strive for, I guess I just didn't expect it so quickly (3 months). Do I start reworking my numbers? Instead of just looking at article CTR and merchant views I now have to incorporate direct visits to my website?

My website visits are still very low - 100 per day. I am about to start on an article writing explosion so I expect 10x that within the next month.

In this world of numbers, is there an average percentage of organic traffic to expect?

One more piece of the puzzle....
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    You're doing very well. Well done.

    I'm not sure if I understand your 2nd question. But of course you have to take into account the direct traffic too. As far as possible, no matter what you do by way of marketing, link building and traffic generation, try to always use tracking IDs so may be able to work out the original source

    There is no average for organic traffic. It all depends on how you go about marketing your site. Some people make fortunes with 100% PPC traffic and others with 100% organic.

    I sure hope you achieve your 10x traffic but note that the most important engine of all, Google, is now very much into "aged links". So a link or article explosion may not help you that quickly. Though if the content of your articles is complelling PLUS (& this is very important) your niche is both hungry for your info AND there is relatively very little competition, then you certainly will get a traffic spike by wirting many more articles. And that's even before the engines start crediting you in the coming months.

    Good luck
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    Your website ranking higher than your articles is a good thing. If you think about it, when people read one of your articles, they are going to someone else's website and then have to go through to yours.

    When they go directly to your website they bypass the article directory and you are not left hoping people will click through on your article.

    Well done on your results so far and good luck with the article explosion!

    All the best

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