Successful Amazon Associates Affiliates Wanted!

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Hey Warriors,

So, I just checked my associates account and I've made $107.64 in commissions so far this month.

In the last few months I have made:

August - 65.18
September - 8.64
October 33.88
November - 79.45

So what I make 10x that amount?
While this may seem small to you, it's noticeable to me as:

1) I only display Amazon affiliate links on one web page (note page not site)

2) The page with the affiliate links doesn't rank on page 1 of Google

3) The exact phrase only receives 880 exact Google searches a month

4) The keyword isn't seasonal

5) It's not a "product name" keyword

Now, I know its Christmas so my earnings are exploding through families buying Christmas presents ect but I really feel this offers me further opportunities.

Typically I advertise affiliate programs in hobby niches and I understand you have to approach Amazon differently since your gaining sales through product specific links and extra purchases a consumer may make whilst browsing through the site. So in order to maximise chances of extra purchases (such as those made at Christmas) we should target certain consumers such as gifters (i.e. parents ect) in our keywords.

Now! My question:
I'm looking to build a small niche site using Amazon as my sole method of promotion can any successful amazon affiliates give me any advice on:

A) Keyword research
B) Content to be included
C) Any other tips they found beneficial in being a successful Amazon affiliate.

Many thanks for taking time out to read and reply to my message,

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