adwords vs. adsense CPC mystery

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I'm trying to find how google decides how much they'll pay for adsense clicks. It seems like it should be related to what they charge for adwords minus a fee but it doesn't seem to work like that.

For a made-up example, in the adwords keyword tool for the keyword phrase "random phrase", adwords says that the CPC is $1.00. I would expect that if you search for "random phrase" and my site comes up that google will pay me ($1.00 - x) amount for each time someone clicks on an adsense ad. It doesn't work like this. Sometimes google pays me less and sometimes pays me MORE for an adsense click than what the adwords CPC is.

So is there a way to find out how much google will pay for an adsense click?
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    I think on adsense 60% goes to you 40% goes to google. The reason it changes is different people bid different amounts for the keyword.
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    That's right, the reason is that advertisers are bidding various amount for the click.

    Also realize there is a difference between Adwords ads on Google itself (this is where the CPC data comes from), and the content networks ads. An experience advertiser will pay a lower amount for the content network ads, because they are less targeted.

    So the CPC is only a very rough estimate.

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