affiliate website or my own product.

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Have people had more success with affiliate websites or selling their own product. I do not know which road to go down now or which one might prevail more profitable.
Looking for your feedback on which direction you went with.
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    Many, many people have succeeded with both of these ways. It really depends on which way you want to go. Pick one and stick with it until you succeed.
    Eventually building your own products is a good idea, but they have to be fantastic, especially in today's world. So if you're just starting out and don't know a lot I'd go with an affiliate product you find extremely useful. Make sure you review it before you try to sell it.
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    It's different for everybody, both has its up and downs.

    Being a vendor is generally more lucrative. You have affiliates selling your product instead of the other way around.

    However it's very difficult to be a successful product vendor. You have to have a killer product, a killer sales copy and some decent traffic to get your product out there among other things.

    My advice would be to start building a list by giving away a freebie and you can market affiliate products to the list. Once you feel that you are ready to put a product together, you will already have an audience to sell to.
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    I have dome so-so with my own product but it was a physical product. I HATED keeping stock and the supplier had a minimum order. The stock went stale before I could sell through.

    If you go physical I'd go drop ship with no minimum order.
    Digital is still the best way to go.

    Affiliate... well I'm still researching that one so I'm in the same boat as you are
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    Originally Posted by dkbiz92 View Post

    Have people had more success with affiliate websites or selling their own product. I do not know which road to go down now or which one might prevail more profitable.
    Looking for your feedback on which direction you went with.
    Both are profitable, but for someone just starting out, I would recommend affiliate marketing on your own domain because not only is it less costly, but you will gain knowledge and skills you need in selling your own product and beyond.

    Good luck,
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    I started out with affiliate products, Amazon, etc.. however, I made little to no money and decided to venture out with my own products. I have seen more success in my first month selling my own products than I saw in an entire year selling those of others as an affiliate.
    I will vouch that I did learn a lot by being an affiliate, which helped me tremendously in selling my own products. If you’re just starting out you might find it more beneficial to begin as an affiliate —just my $0.02

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      With our system, we always...

      1. Test our idea and keywords using blogs or third party sites like Hubpages or Squidoo...the idea here is to test demand and hone in on keywords. Let's say you have 3 ideas (affiliate products or your own infoproduct), one way to tell which one to follow is to test which of the 3 generate more traffic

      2. Next, for the winner, I will begin by trying a few different affiliate products - the idea is to find the one that sells the best

      3. I then go and reverse engineer why that product sells the best - sales letter, title, better positioned, reputation, etc...

      4. If we can do it better, then we take all of this intelligence and create our own product

      This method goes from lowest to most effort reducing the risk each step of the way - and from least to most profit...has worked for us very well in 4 different niche markets so far.

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    I started out with creating my own product to build my list. I found out I really like to create products. I built a relationship with my list and while still producing my own products, I was able to recommend other (affiliate) products that made sense for me to recommend, based on their needs - not based on a high dollar ticket item to make me money or anything and everything to make me money.

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    Generally you would make more money with your own products, however, especially nowadays, you have to really put your heart into them, and make them absolutely fantastic.

    Also, if you are not that experienced, running your own product means you have to also master sales funnels, list building, knowing how to talk to your list, and so on and so on.

    Affiliate route is generally easier - you just have to know how to generate traffic (which is a lot more times easier said than done).

    My advice would be (if you don't have these parts down) to start with generating traffic, but don't send them right away to an affiliate offer. Add them to your list and just talk to them like a normal person would, without the hard sell, share some insights, and after a couple of mails, genuinely recommend them a product in which you trust yourself.
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    I think going the affiliate route first is smarter. The main advantage is you can choose to promote products that are already successful and capitalize on their momentum. There's a lot more work in creating and marketing your own product because it's your responsibility to not only create a winner but to make it successful. It's about baby steps first...
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    Affiliate marketing tends to have less "up front cost" than making your own product will have. With your own product, you need to create the product, create the sales/graphics/website, get some payment system set up, optionally set up an affiliate system and recruit affiliates (which is HARD the first time around), do your own support, etc

    With affiliate offers most of that's done for you, so you just need to concentrate on building and maintaining some subscriber base to advertise to (and blog audiences, or PPC traffic audiences are included in that term) and keeping the ROI needle in the positive.

    Hope that helps
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    Affiliate marketing is easier and less cost intensive, especially if you are relatively new to the space. Use the knowledge you learn from that to work your way to pushing your own products out there.

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    Both can make you a lot of money. I prefer starting in a new niche as an affiliate because it's faster. If the product sells well, I create my own product.

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