Newbie needs advice on picking out a decent internet marketing approach from all the noise out there

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Ok Warriors, hopefully I've come to the right forum to ask this question. Please bear with me as it is a bit on the lengthy side.

Here's the deal. I want to get into internet marketing and have started looking around at what's out there. And I don't have to tell you guys that there is a LOT of stuff. :confused:

It seems like everyone and their brother wants to sell you the secret for anywhere from $20 for an eBook to THOU$AND$ for courses, seminars, mentoring, etc. And it also seems like these guys are all promoting each other. Guy #1 has a great course and recommends the tools from Guy #2. Guy #2 recommends the service from Guy #3. Guy #3 says that his customers swear by the seminar from Guy #4. And Guy # 4 touts that the incredible Guy #1 will be presenting killer info at the seminar! So while it's easy to find positive recommendations on resources, it's validity is dubious, particularly when you look at the dearth of negative information.

And when I go to, the stack of books on internet/online/affiliate marketing/selling/business appears to be taller than the Empire State building!

What I'm trying to do is build an EFFECTIVE plan to generate internet income. And I don't want to waste time and money pursuing poor strategies. And I don't want to get in a situation where you pay $20 for this piece, then $97 for the next, then $298 for the next, then take the $1995 seminar, and let's not forget the $499/month newsletter and chatroom or the $197/hour personal consulting.

I would also like to maintain my personal values by marketing something that I believe is useful and has value to other people. It seems like there are a lot of people selling stuff that tells you how to make money by selling stuff to other people showing them how to make money by doing the same thing! Now, obviously there is a market for that, but that type of thing is not for me.

I'm thinking that I may lean toward an information product, but would not be adverse to a physical product if it could be managed right by outsourcing. I have experience and knowledge in a number of areas, so eBooks would be a definite possibility.

For those of you that have read the "4 Hour Workweek" by Timothy Ferriss, I'm trying to achieve a certain bit of that work lifestyle.

So, I have come to the Warrior Forum as the collective knowledge you guys have here seems to be formidable!

Can you guys give me suggestions on books, courses, seminars, conferences that I should either look into because you find them beneficial or avoid because you know them to be crap?

I apologize in advance for the length of this post, and if this topic has already been somewhat concisely covered somewhere else in this forum, please provide me with the link to that.

Any other guidance in helping me down this road would also be greatly appreciated!
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    did you read this thread? it's a solid approach from a respected marketer.
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    Hey cashonly,

    Sounds like my free Online Marketing Strategy & Marketing eBook would be a great place for you to start. I don't have any paid-products whatsoever at the moment, so I won't be trying to get you to pay $20 for this piece, then $97 for the next, then $298 for the next, then take the $1995 seminar, and let's not forget the $499/month newsletter and chatroom or the $197/hour personal consulting.

    The link to the book is in my sig, let me know what you think.

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      Ebay is a good place to make an income on the Internet. Its also not so geeky as alot of the IM stuff out there and its great for newbs to make money with.

      Im sure you have had experience selling on Ebay right?
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        Welcome, but please cut the colours in the text - thanks.

        Roger Davis

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          Skills are essential - and systems help you use them for results.

          Jennifer you have identified the difference between leveraged results and a job. This is really important because so many people think get this wrong.

          To the OP,

          Pick a market that has products and services you can promote with comfort and then get into it.

          Choose something that already sells and make something that goes with it or helps people use it - like an MP3, report or software.
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            Originally Posted by James Schramko View Post

            Choose something that already sells and make something that goes with it or helps people use it - like an MP3, report or software.
            Kinda Like Jibbitz did with Crocs, huh?
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              Kinda Like Jibbitz did with Crocs, huh?
              Yes....and no

              That began with a mother doing something to please her daughters and ending up with a product. It's a great story.

              She wasn't looking for a product - but was smart enough to recognize the potential when she accidentally developed it.

              In affiliate marketing you are looking at someone else's product and evaluating whether you can promote it successfully.

              Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
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                Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

                In affiliate marketing you are looking at someone else's product and evaluating whether you can promote it successfully.
                Not trying to be argumentative here, just trying to understand. Once the product is done, it seems like you'd end up doing the same amount of work to promote it, but get only a fraction of the revenue (not denying the author his due here). Also, it would seem that you would be sending a potential good prospect for other things away without a chance for future re-marketing opportunities.

                So, I can see it having a benefit for getting up and going, but wouldn't have the "legs" of your own product.
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                  Hi Cashonly,

                  Yep. Jennifer made a great post but only mentioned the pros of affiliate marketing.

                  And there are more cons than the ones you just mentioned. They both (affiliate promotion and promotion of your own product) have a valuable place in your arsenal. Knowing how to strategically apply both seems to be the key.

                  'Only promote someone elses product when it's impractical to promote your own' seems to be a good general rule. And add to that - 'if the market receives it well, make it a priority to make it practical to promote your own instead ASAP.'


                  Roger Davis

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                    I have the secret to your success.. please send me $1,000 via paypal and I'll send it

                    But seriously... I do believe that anyone looking to get started should do two things..

                    Spend a week READING here at the WF, gather idea's, opinion's, thoughts and feeligns from some of the many unsung hero's here and then look into creating a business plan based on what you want to do.

                    Feel free to make decisions but also, if you don't have a clue then ask.. there are an abundance of people willing to help you without agenda if you have questions...specific questions can really get some good creative discussions going that would benefit you in your decision making

                    Create Your Success!


                    Bare Murkage.........

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                      Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate. You can buy it here or Google it. EXCELLENT book on how to actually make some serious dough.
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                        Find a need and fill it.

                        Someone searching for 2008 Chevy, is unlikely to buy one through you...

                        But another search for natural cure for tooth ache, is a desperate searcher with an urgent need.

                        When researching products, many people use posts, like yours, with the problem already identified, then collate the results to form the basis of a new product.

                        Never repeat anything word for word, and never pretend to be an expert, when you are starting out.

                        Tell it like it is, and you'll gain credibility.

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                          When I started out internet marketing in 2004 I fell for every scam in the book!
                          I made $5000 with a hyip in one day and lost it because I was greedy.

                          Then I moved on to affiliate marketing, made thousands there and spend all of it on junk instead of investing...( I was 16 years old with $20.000 in cash made..of course I went nuts!)

                          After that I was broke and had to start all over again, the WSO forum really helped me out by just reading posts. Thats it.
                          Just reading valuable posts and asking lots of questions.

                          Then I purchased some WSO's on various subjects and I never looked back.

                          The point of my short corny story is that as a newbie, dont expect things to go perfect.
                          You will be overwhelmed by the information, you will make loads of mistakes but you learn from it.

                          Keep your head up and remember 1 thing when nothing seems to work in internet marketing: PEOPLE DO MAKE MONEY! More then you and I could ever imagine.
                          And we want IN!
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                          Originally Posted by Pete Lauder View Post

                          Find a need and fill it.

                          That is part of one of my All Time Favorite Quotes and Primary Addages!, namely ...

                          "If you want to make a Lot of Money ... Find and Need and Fill It! ...

                          If you want to make a Ton of Money ... Find a Problem and FIX IT!"

                          Any further explanation required?

                          I hope this helps and Have a Great Day!

                          - Michael
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                      Originally Posted by JayXtreme View Post

                      Spend a week READING here at the WF, gather idea's, opinion's, thoughts and feeligns from some of the many unsung hero's here and then look into creating a business plan based on what you want to do.

                      The reading I am doing now... it is a LOT. And I'm with you 100% on the biz plan!
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          PM me.

          I'll help you out free of charge.

          You seem like a normal person with their head on straight and I haven't done a good deed in a while.

          If nothing else, I'll give you plenty of info on where & how to do some due diligence so you can start off pointed in the right direction.
          "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
          ~ Zig Ziglar
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          Originally Posted by cosmokid View Post

          Here's a piece of advice I wish someone had given me four years ago when I launched my first website:

          Focus on skill building, not mastering a "system."

          Because a huge percentage of the "systems" out there will be time sensitive - the methods they teach might already be on their way out and losing power, or they will be obsolete within a few months.

          If you build skills, however, then you can succeed in any economic environment (recession or no recession) and be confident that you have what it takes to keep earning good income online.

          When I talk about skill building, I'm talking about the basics:

          How to set up a decent looking (can be simple) website in html or a Wordpress blog hosted on your server

          How to design the structure of the site -- what keywords you'll be targeting, what content you plan to post

          How to build traffic to your site - learning how to get good backlinks (which will make or break your site's traffic,) learning how to do some basic SEO (search engine optimization) as you create your pages

          And most importantly for someone standing where you are now - deciding on a business model that you can live with.

          Keep in mind that when you get into producing your own info products, from the moment of your first launch, you have to be available to provide customer service 24/7. Technically you can get away with responding to customer service problems in two business days, but if you want customers to really be happy with their purchase, responding immediately to their problems is the key.

          And that can be a huge disadvantage to publishing your own material.

          Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, is an AMAZING business model. Right now my business is about 75% affiliate marketing, 25% selling my own ebooks, and 5% freelance writing for clients I've had for years. I'll gradually be moving over to an entirely affiliate marketing-based business model. You have NO customer service to deal with. You work ENTIRELY on your own schedule - researching, launching, and promoting your websites when you want to. You can take huge vacations and if your sites are set up nicely you can have a large percentage of your income be entirely passive.

          Example: The other day I went out to lunch in a nice restaurant like I frequently do and when I came back I noticed there was $300 in one of my affiliate accounts. I didn't even know where it came from. Turns out one of my new websites had finally hit a nice spot in Google and I received a bunch of traffic and sales very fast. So basically I earned $300 while eating my lunch!

          It doesn't get better than that, believe me!

          So.....while writing and publishing your own infoproducts and reports can bring in some nice money over time, at some point you will have to confront the customer service issue. You CAN outsource that part of your business but in the initial stages you don't want all your profits to go toward paying someone to do that for you.

          So infoproduct publishing can involve much more "hustle" on the customer service end. Even though I usually only spend less than three hours a month on customer service, I have to constantly check my email to see if somebody needs help. So even though people might never need help with their downloads, you have to be ready to GIVE help - and that creates a burden for you time and energy wise. I hate going out with my friends thinking about how I might have someone sending me emails about download problems - and that's the bummer part of this business. You always have to be watching the store! And it can turn into a prison if you're not careful.

          The easiest way to minimize customer service issues is to have an automatic download delivery system in place. Two of the best ways to do this are:

          1) Pay $5 a month. You upload your files to their server. You can create a payment button using Paypal, Clickbank, Google Checkout, and other popular payment programs. When people click on your payment button at your site they are sent to e-junkie, and they receive an instant link to download their product. At the same time they are separately sent an email with the download link. This is a HUGE help because otherwise you have to send download links manually. If you just use Paypal to process payments without a download service, people will often miss the little part of the Paypal page that says "Click here to return to vendor" and you'll receive lots of emails from people saying they didn't get their download. Customer service can then be a bear!

          2) Use DLGuard, a great script that you load on your server at your website. It was created by a fellow Warrior and a huge number of people here use it for their downloads. I hear it's another great way to minimize customer service issues with download problems.

          Okay, I have blathered on enough! Hopefully something here has been helpful to you.


          PS I also meant to mention that you can publish your ebooks through They are a print on demand publisher who also publishes physical books, if you ever want to bring out your information as a physical book. But they can handle selling your ebook for you from their server. You don't have customer service issues to deal with then, but they do take a percentage of your income in exchange for doing the extra work for you, I believe.

          This is all good down to-earth basic stuff which is almost an outline right there of an approach to start with. Very helpful! It's also interesting about the affiliate marketing vs selling my own products. I definitely need to look into that more and decide what proportion of my time I should spend on which.
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