What's The Best Player For Videos On Wordpress Sites?

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Hi, hoping for a bit of help!

I'm looking for a video player that works on Wordpress sites that will play videos that work on things like ipads and iphones as well. One where you just upload the source video, and the player handles everything else...

Preferably one that's cheap or free and very reliable. Any recommendations?
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    I love Flowplayer. And free qualifies as cheap. Not sure if they have "official wordpress integration" but it's pretty simple to set up and sleek as anything
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    I bought EVP 2.0 , pretty sure it has a plug in for WP.
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      Originally Posted by TonySanford View Post

      I bought EVP 2.0 , pretty sure it has a plug in for WP.
      It does. Use it also.

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    Flowplayer is pretty good. Also, there's a free service call YouTube that works very well too. Easy Video Player is very powerful too if you want to pay for a service.

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    I use the SS3 video plugin if my videos are on Amazon S3, which if you are planning to host your own videos is where you should be uploading them too. The plugin has Flowplayer integrated and all I need to do is copy the video link, click a button above my post, paste the link directly in the spot provided 2 more clicks and the video is embedded.

    With such a simple tool not sure why you would want to use anything but Amazon S3 and a plugin.

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    Those are some nice answers. The next question that begs an answer is what is the SEO advantage, easy of use advantage, or user experience advantage, if any, of hosting your own on S3 or another service vs. using YouTube to host them in your own Channel?
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    Go with easy video player 2.0 it rocks!

    Also keep in mind that its not just the player... But also the video format you convert it to that will depend on if you will be able to play it on ipads, iphones, etc.

    I mainly use .mov files but most use mp4. Either one of those play fine on my iphone.

    As far as SEO advantages, that will depend on your goal and what you are trying to achieve. For me I would rather use amazon s3 and evp for my training videos, and anything that I dont want to get deleted in case YT goes on another account deletion craze. (They did that to one of my other accounts a few months back).

    But I still use YT for all my lead gen videos and to drive traffic to my sites.
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    I've used a lot of different players, but right now I'm liking the new Vimeo pro service
    so easy to use, fast to upload, reliable and plays on all devices..
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    flowplayer is not too bad. But there are others out there just as good if not better.
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    Voo Player is really good. It's a cheaper alternative to Easy Video Player.
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      I just bought Voo player and have been very pleased. Its a great value and meets all my video needs.
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    Easy Video Player is great because it gives you TRUE timed button reveal. What this means is you can exactly reveal your buy button at exactly the right second of your video. In other players, it's just a simple timer so the timing goes out of sync if you pause the video.
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    I use Vooplayer as well. I like it. Many people use EVP. Vooplayer is newer, cheaper and does all that I need at the moment.
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      Had issues with flowplayer on iphones. Sometimes the MP4s would play okay and sometimes they wouldn't. Also, one client had a bunch of old FLV with messed up aspect ratio. Flowplayer could resize the FLVs but not the MP4s (I had to convert the FLVs into MP4).

      Long story short, EVP2 solved all these issues. I'm very happy with it. Not familiar with the other one at all.

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        Easy Video Player 2.0 is the way I go for most videos along with Amazon S3--like others have said, it's more than just a player. And combined with Handbrake conversion, your videos will have no prob playing on most any device.

        That being said, I am getting into YouTube big time, and purchased Custom Video Player a few days ago--a current WSO--hides the YouTube logo (if you want to) so visitors can't click away.

        It's about $27 right now.

        Supposed to work well with other formats including S3, though I've only used it with YouTube vids...So far, like it!


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    I've used JW Player in the past, and it seems to work well. You have to go a long way to beat YouTube, though.
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    I mostly see Flowplayer, JWplayer and YouTube, they all seem to work very well.
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