Should i get a dedicated IP for this Website

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Hi friends,
One of my website is getting 25,000+ views per month and is on a shared IP. Would you recommend to get a dedicated IP for this site?

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    Are you experiencing any outages or downtime?

    Do you have slow load times?

    Another thing worth looking at, is the other sites on that IP. If you find there are some junk or spammy sites on the shared server than you may want to go to dedicated.

    If you don't have those problems, and the traffic stays steady there's no much reason to upgrade, unless you expect some big spikes that would put you over your bandwidth limits.
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    By IP I am thinking you also mean a shared server?

    The only time one should move a 'stable' well-functioning website to a dedicated server/IP is if you start to notice performance issues. If not, no need to try to fix what's not broken.

    As for dedicated IP (not necessarily dedicated sever), you are going to need it for sure if at some point you decide to install a SSL certificate on your website (that may be due to ecommerce or whatever), the reason being that SSL certificates are installed on domains tied to dedicated IPs. On a sidenote, you can also get a shared SSL, but that is not professional and not recommended for high volume websites.
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