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I have a PR4 site and which is not blogged based, it just has a few pages in PHP, but I've now put it in a Wordpress blog, I've also changed/re-written some of the content.

I'm not changing the domain, but I'm worried about PR. I think I've read somewhere that PR is less important than it was, but then it's still important to get high PR back links into your site. So I have some confusion about that. Nevertheless, I don't want my site to lose PR.

I know it's a minefield if your switching domains, but I'm keeping the domain and for now switching hosts.

What are Warriors recommendations to keep things as they are?
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    It's virtually impossible to ensure that PR wouldn't change with change in a websites' layout and content. The changes you are making though should help your cause in the long run.

    I'd suggest, instead of worrying about retaining your old PR (which unless you do something drastic, I don't see why it should be demoted), keep doing the good ol' SEO and who knows your PR may even get better after your new move gets established. Best of luck.
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    Thanks - perhaps it's not worth worrying about, but that PR4 carries some weight especially if I wanted to sell the site. But surely adding decent content regularly, I mean this site hasn't be changed for a while, should help rather than hinder?

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    Yes you have to focus on relevant quality content, as much as you can. Try and do at least one 500 piece every three or four days.

    Good luck
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    Pagerank is based on the number of backlinks you have from high PR web pages. Since

    many backlinks become weak and die off, you need to continually build backlinks. Also,

    when a page has too many ads, a 404 or “Not Found Error”, too many 301 redirects,

    you can lose pagerank.
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