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Hi. About 3 weeks ago I launched my affiliate website. It is my very first attempt at IM and was very excited to see where google would rank it. Initially it started on p3 then suddenly dropped to pg 16/17 where it seemed to settle which was a little disappointing as the seo was done by my brother who works full time for a seo company. Then we noticed a small spelling mistake on the home page and quickly corrected it. This morning I had a quick look to see if I'd moved (as I do every morning). I went straight to pg16/17 and it wasn't there and was really suprised and delighted to see that I had jumped from pg17 to pg2

Could a simple little spelling mistake have such a dramatic affect or do you think that my website is still doing "the dance"?
I've added a hand full of backlinks over the past couple of days as well as another page to the site but the last time it got cached was before this. Would I be right in thinking that changes made to a website wont take affect till it gets crawled again?
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