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Read a lot of good points that hit right between the eyes.

This could also be titled, "Daunte's 39 levels of Hell".

Pick some numbers, then serve chilled, with crackers and cheese.

In some medical cases, Paralysis and frozen functions is a red light toward a slow wasting away and finally, Death, at some time in the future, if serious steps are not taken, stat.

Constitution of Paralysis: Primary Symptom I :

A) Confusion and Paralysis of reasons to delay action that breed sub-niches of "NEW" reasons to delay action

B) Primary Symptoms II:

1) -overthinking,
2) -in-action,
3) -lack of action
4) -non-serious action
5) -planning on a plan to action
6) -planning to look for a better plan to action
7) -looking for better information,
8) -looking for the ultimate secret that puts it ALL together
9) -fear of failure
10) -looking for that "just one more thing...."
11) -...then a always finding a new "one more thing"
12) -overplanning
13) -planning to make a plan
14) -planning to make a perfect plan
15) -planning to make a "mistake-free" plan
16) -planning not to fail, rather than suceed
17) -planning on planning the right time to start
18) -planning to find the perfect tools before starting
19) -planning to find the best tools before starting
20) -looking for that "one" answers-to-all guru
21) -just waiting for that one "last" ,new, perfect advice from your go-to guy before starting
22) -looking for that one thing that will answer all questions
23) -looking for that one tool, that will find the holy grail of all before you start
24) -looking for that one thing that will solve all problems
25) -looking for that one thing that will solve and insulate all future problems before you start
26) -in-exhaustable searching for "THEEEE" lastest gizmo before you start
27) -researching and to make sure the info you start with is not too old, THEN you will start
28) -will start soon as you get a day off
29) -will start soon as your daily life calender is clear
30) -will start soon as you double check and research the info you start with is right
31) -too much to choose from, undecisive
32) -will start when conflict of two or more methods/tools/strategies are resolved
33) -researching for the research that tells you what to choose
34) -cross-referencing two or more pieces of info, once resolved, will start
35) -finding new, UPDATED info on researched info, and once THAT is resolved, will start
36) -looking to make sure everything is right before starting
37) -planning to gather all the best information, THEN researching HOW to narrow the confusion before starting
38) -Freezing up and delaying on 1st problem when action is "FINALLY" initiated
39) -Freezing up and delaying initiated action of 1st problem by looking for "PERFECT" solution.....

.....which starts disease cycle , above, all over again.

Like a bad virus or software bug that keeps spreading and reproducing/replicating/cloning itself.

"End Task" or "Close Program".

Some medicine found below to be taken immediately upon 1st signs of symptoms.

More in WF archives.

The 13 th Warrior


a) I keep it simple.

b) Us small guys have been led by fear for too long, too many rumors, too many mistakes people make with their own sites and then blast the forums about "how it is".

c) It's nonsense, so back to your question - I can work my plan by fear or by a positive attitude. I choose the latter.

d) Overanalyzing adsense will do nothing but freeze your efforts, so I keep things very simple.

e) This may be the dumbest question that I ask...Where do I begin?
Begin anywhere. Choose a topic and put up content, anything. Get moving.

f) I procrastinated for almost 2 years waiting for some perfect tip or the right kind of site/topic/system to use. There is none. Just start putting pages online.

g) Please keep in mind that I'm not advising anyone to do as I do.....I do it this way because it is what I enjoy.

h) The biggest issue that stops 99% of everyone just starting out is a failure to take action. It's so easy to get caught up in what niche to start with, what article directories to submit to, keyword density, etc...It's all about taking action. And those who do it are the ones making money.

i) Sometimes we get so overloaded with the latest tip,a quicker way, or waiting for some magical program that will just allow us to hit a few buttons and see the money come rolling in - long term money at that.

j) Even though I do have a few tricks up my sleeve that's not what's made the REAL difference in my business - the tricks are just a means to the end. (They're not even necessary for the long-run, whatsoever.)

k) Just sell what lot's of people want to buy

l) You know, it used to take me MONTHS to roll out a simple 20-page site. That's because I would over-think, over-plan, over-strategize and "perfect" things to DEATH.

m) So stop planning things to death.

n) And no, you don't have to orchestrate some master-plan to conquer your niche in 15 days with the world's best marketing plan like your favorite Guru. Screw it.

o) There is no 'secret' to making money online. There are many new strategies that someone may have developed or improved upon...but the essentials most of you already know. There is no 1 strategy that works online.
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    Your list is a hoot - but true.

    Strategic action combined with a solid plan of attack is the key to success with any business.

    Good post.

    Perhaps some of the info-overload crowd will read this and get off their keister. (butt)

    Pick your plan of attack (online business model ) and get busy!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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      Originally Posted by TLTheLiberator View Post

      Perhaps some of the info-overload crowd will read this and get off their keister. (butt)

      Pick your plan of attack (online business model ) and get busy!
      Some here are suceeding, even when they fail.

      Always see post here that say:

      "Help!! I did all this stuff, failed at seo, failed at email marketing, failed at ppc, failed at list building, only made 2 sales this month, only got 1 click this week, etc.,etc.,.... and I am ready to give up and toss in the towel, please, someone, give me some advice or just kick my ass, I need anything".

      Don't even know or realize they got 96% of most people beat, maybe its even a higher number than that, even with all those failures because they took action.

      Like that dude in the Superbowl or one game away from superbowl, I think the Titans, when dude was stopped at the goal line, and with arms and body stretched to his maximum, the football was just inches or even only an inch from the Big Score.

      Everyone felt that feeling, even if you did'nt root for his team.

      The only way he or his team "failed" is if he did not put 100% effort in his chosen endeavor, like they say, leave everything on the field, and if you do that, no need to look back, you truely did everything humanly possible, on the field and off.

      Failure is non-action.

      Joe Louis and Ali just "happen" to "give boxing a shot" simply because someone said, "try it and see". They were not even thinking about boxing as a hobby or living OR EVEN something they were EVER interested in.....just took somebody to say, "look over here a minute" and the "ACTION" to turn their head and say, "sure, why not, I'll give it a shot".

      THE most saddest stories in the world, that make the top 5 in history, are those who were better than Micheal Jordan or Albert Einstein, and life , bad breaks, bad decisions or just millimeters from glory, and one makes a turn , giving up, never realizing that they were pretty much right there with just only a half more of a step.......potential unused and NEVER realized, the world will never know the unfathomable human amazement we missed.

      The 13 th Warrior
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    mmm not sure about the list but....
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      Originally Posted by kobiadato1603 View Post

      mmm not sure about the list but....
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    This is surely a post that lots more people should witness.


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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      Hey..you must know me :-)
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        40) will start when you get a new computer
        41) will start when your computer gets fixed
        42) will start when you finished reading "this LAST" course you bought or downloaded
        43) will start when you figure out which guru to trust
        44) will start when you figure out who is the #1 guru
        45) will start when you get over being sick
        46) will start when you pay off some of your bills to free up spare money
        47) will start when you get make some extra money
        48) will start when you get some spare money
        49) will start when you feel better
        50) will start when you have a decent day, no pressing issues
        51) will start when you clear up family problems
        52) will start when you get free of bothersome neighbor, relative,roommate, significant other
        53) will start when you finish your errands
        54) will start when you upgrade your computer
        55) will start when you are free of commitments
        56) will start when your boss eases up on you
        57) will start soon when you answer all your internet messages
        58) will start when you fininished answering all the chat rooms
        59) will start after surgery
        60) will start after medical treatment
        61) will start after getting over depression or when feeling better
        62) will start after child support is managable
        63) will start after divorce is final
        64) will start after alimony is completed or getting p/t job to help with alimony
        65) will start soon as one's investments are profitable
        66) will start soon as one is able to relax or have relaxation time
        67) will start after the economy gets better
        68) will start after see'ing what the President and Congress is going to do
        69) will start after see'ing what any politician does
        70) will start after see'ing if a bill, measure, law, proposition, ordinance gets passed
        71) will start after watching the news and all the talking heads "experts" and their predictions
        72) will start when one hears their favorite "go-to" guy speak on it and say a final word of wisdom to get that "green-light"
        73) will start when the weather gets better
        74) will start after one gets something to eat
        75) will start after finishing watching favorite tv show, movie premier, stage show,concert
        76) will start after sports season, after childs sports season is over
        77) will start soon as your prescription is filled
        78) will start after answering letters, email and any other correspondence
        79) will start when one gets a computer
        80) will start when one gets a faster internet connection
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      Originally Posted by BillyD View Post

      I swear I didn't make not one single sale online till I threw out that DARN notebook, STOPPED my 'analytical' planning, put my brain ON HOLD , sat down at the computer and actually DID SOMETHING!

      One of the first things I did (and it's still paying off today) is I joined a marketing membership site, branded their ebooks with my links and built a list. Simple, I know. Today I'm retired and in the process of creating my own products and giving back a little to the IM communities.

      I agree - do something, anything, but no progress = no progress. This game is all about momentum, so get ya some...

      Great damn post, man.


      The 13 th Warrior
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    hmmmmmmm,can that be the truth.
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