Vendor Best Practices: Inviting Warriors to Members-only affiliate program

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We are getting ready to launch a website with a line of complimentary products (standard instant upsell funnel).

From a regular visitor perspective the affiliate program will be members-only (entry level product purchase as minimum requirement). This is both to protect our affiliates from loosing commissions and also to build a high-quality affiliate network, primarily consisting of affiliates who truly love what we do enough to buy our products first.

However, we would also like to invite fellow warriors to become affiliates, especially for our beta launch special, during which we'll be paying 100% instant commissions on all products.

We will be posting that announcement in the JV forum soon, but are not sure in regards to a couple best practices and would love your input.

We feel that it is in everyone's best interest for our affiliates to have and at least test our products, so they can better stand behind them - especially since they are very relevant (and powerful) for any conscious entrepreneur.

We considered making them available for free to warriors, but have decided that would not really be best for anyone. Now one thought is to run a simultaneous WSO, allowing interested affiliates to get our entire product line for about $20-30, instead of $222-666 (sliding scale).

However, since we will be inviting our fellow warriors it doesn't feel completely right to even require such low buy-in in order to participate.

What is the best practice here? What would you as affiliates appreciate the most?

Do you like the WSO idea? Do you as affiliates like the idea of having to be sold enough on a product to shell out at least some money yourself before getting to promote it?

Or should warriors just not be required to be members/customers in order to promote?

If so, how can we actually let someone check out the entire sales funnel without buying the products (to get to the upsell[s])? Would we just reproduce the sales funnel on separate pages with the ability to get to upsell without buying? Or is there a more elegant way to do that?

Thank you so much in advance for all your input & enjoy everything!

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