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I was wondering if any successful affiliate marketers ($1000+ a month) were looking for an apprentice? Certainly someone would like to pass on their knowledge and wisdom to help out an aspiring marketer?

I have a year off before I go to college, and I would like to see if I can make affiliate marketing work for me. I already have my foot in the door; I currently have a wordpress website with 13 original articles. I have done all of the on page SEO, and I am working on acquiring traffic.

I am suffering from information overload. I keep getting articles denied by ezinearticles, which is of course my own fault, and I am having trouble moving forward. Trying to spin my own articles has already proven itself time consuming and tedious. I feel like my website/design/script/ skills are lacking and I just don't really understand how to continue developing my website. I mean, I can edit the html/css somewhat but I don't really know how to bring my website up to an appropriate quality. trying to find helpful resources online just confuses me more. Everything is discussed in such broad terms, that I am left with a broad outline and no clue how to ACTUALLY produce real results.

Even with the help of Affiloblueprint, specific steps like "submitting articles for backlinks" turn out to be a much more complex process, which i ultimately know nothing about. At this stage, I am not even sure if my articles are sufficient, yet I am at a point where I am tediously rewriting these uncertain articles for backlinks/traffic. I don't even know if these articles convert!

I think my issue is that I've always been better at learning from very focused and specific guided information and/or step based experience. I am very good at reproducing, for example: Reading has taught me to write well. If someone shows me how to do something, I pick it up incredibly fast as long as the steps are very specific and precise. Trying to research these processes myself has simply lead me to more affiliate products and misinformation. Based on this, I have emailed various webmasters for some more HANDS ON type help. I am of course focusing on affiliate marketing right now, but ultimately my goal is any type of revenue generating website.

Unfortunately no one will respond to me. Nobody making thousands off dollars of their website wants to share the specifics. Their time could be better used to create another revenue generating website or improve their current website, plus, I am a potential competitor. I understand the mindset, but I figure that there must be a couple of successful marketers out there that would like to pass on their methods and wisdom to a student (of sorts). There aren't exactly any COLLEGE CLASSES in online marketing.
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    Not looking to take on any interns, but best of luck dude

    It's good to see you taking action. I wish I could have been someones' apprentice when I first started out... would have saved me a looooot of time.
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      I suppose its a tough question to ask when all of you successful marketers are already selling eBooks on the topic. Just looking for a little guidance. If you wish someone would have helped you out when you first started, you might reconsider?

      In fact, I pledge to help out 2 people, if 1 person helps me out. Or, decline to help out 2 people (if you don't want me spreading the method) haha. Maybe if I frame my proposal in a charitable context someone might be more likely to consider.

      perhaps if you think of it as the "Help an American avoid his awful economy and working-class predestination charity".
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    Hey Matt,

    There's a lot of helpful marketers right here on this forum giving freely of their time, I'm one of them. So to really get the hand holding you're looking for, you'll need some kind of coaching program where you get one on one access with your mentor. To some, this can be too costly.

    But if you're just looking to be a free apprentice (you don't get paid, you don't pay anything) then you really have to have something to offer.

    In one of my offline businesses, I get people who want to be apprentices all the time, even in this business. But more so in my offline business (real estate investing). So I'll get these people who come to me and say I'll put out signs for you, I'll make calls for you, I'll meet with sellers and buyers, etc. I'll put them to the test and have them do what they say. If I see that they're actually putting in an effort to help me grow my business by actually going out there and putting out signs, cold calling sellers, etc., they officially become my apprentice.

    My point? Help someone grow their business, that's the easiest way to get someone's attention, and you'll get what you want! Reciprocity. Give and it shall be given unto you. Help someone get what they want, and you'll get what you want...
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  • Your best bet would be to sign up for some coaching. It may be expensive at first thought, but if you find the right guy, and actually learn what you need to know about IM, you will make your money back in no time. There are lots of coaching offers on this forum. Just do your research first though.
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      It was worth a try. I really just need some hands on training. I can't afford any personal coaching at the moment. By the the time i'm making enough money to afford coaching, I won't need coaching. OH THE DOUBLE EDGED SWORD. If anyone is willing to share their wisdom or help me out, id appreciate a PM. I don't expect you to advertise all over the board that you are offering free training

      I currently have a website with 13 original articles, all on-page SEO has been completed, I have spun one article (one time) and I am currently awaiting approval from ezinearticles. Aside from that, I am sort of at a stand still. I don't really know how to take things to the next level. I don't even know if my articles are strong enough to convert. My website is very basic consisting of only the articles themselves. No fancy affiliate pop ups, or anything of that nature. There is some perspective for you if you are willing to lend some specific advice!?

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    Hey dude

    I can certainly help you out. I'm one of those guys that make their living with online marketing ... and let me tell you life is good! If you're interested to learn what I do simply drop me a quick PM, I can take you under my wing and show you the ropes if you want? It's X-MAS afterall

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