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I am new to this field. Can anyone please help me?

I want to promote IM training products like Bring The Fresh and Niche Profit Classroom. Question, where can I get good writers to write articles for this
kind or promotion? I need someone to write review articles.
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    Right here: Warriors For Hire

    Or Fiverr, elance, guru, odesk etc.

    Be aware that you get what you pay for in the article outsourcing world.
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      If you want to promote IM training products then ideally you should be looking for writers who dabble in IM themselves and are (or have been) members of the sites you want to promote.

      $5 articles are easy to outsource, but if you want to make sales (particularly in the IM niche) then you need to provide value and quality. These normally don't come cheap.
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    Instead of hiring someone to write generic articles, why not buy the products and actually try them out yourself? If you write about your experience and the results you achieved with them, you'll get far higher conversions.
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    A good site is iwriter.com I have used it a couple times and i am happy with it. It has some good features check it out.
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    You can also go to freelancer.com & elance.com
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