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Can anyone tell me how much NPC costs on an on-going basis? Also, would anyone suggest using XSite Pro to help with building your websites if you have no experience? I seen a demo of it and their promotional video, just wanted to get some feedback on it before I buy! Any and all suggestions and feedbacks are welcome!

Thanks in advance,

- DeShawn
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    I'm not sure how much it is but it is worth every penny! Very high quality stuff and everything you need is included. You shouldn't need xsitepro to build your NPC sites, as I recall they have their own plugin that does all the hard stuff for you.

    Gone Fishing
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      I am not a member myself but can tell you it starts for $1 for 14 days & you get access to all the materials.

      After the 14 day period there is a montly charge of $67 per month.

      Hope this helps you with your decision making.

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    NPC isn't that bad, i especially like the keyword software but i think $67 was a little steep
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      I have been using Xsite Pro for years and like everything it has its good and bad points, if your just starting out its very easy to use. Its a one off cost. If you could ask questions that you wish to know it would be quicker to answer than writing a lot about it and boring you
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  • NPC is great for real beginners. But if you know a bit about internet marketing already (specifically affiliate marketing), you won't learn much. I don't really care for it personally.
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    NPC is good for beginners , also if you just want another revenue stream they give 2 buil in packages with auto responders and all you can upoload and make some passive income... it doe get the basics down well so wil be good for some one starting out.
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