Do clickbank give Reasons, for Rejecting products?

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If submitted products on clickbank, and they get rejected, do they give reasons what is wrong with your sales page?

and what you can do to correct it?

for example, submitting a sales page, with an Incorrect graphic? as the correct graphic is still being made.
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    I don't have a depth of experience here, but I think they don't so much care about the quality of the page as they do the legal compliance (trademarks, disclaimers, etc). They wouldn't know if you have a "correct" graphic or not, unless it's something blatant like a watermarked image or something.
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    If you just ask them , they'll tell you -but you need to tell them you
    read the TOS and stuff an can't find the problem

    Of course, if you READ the TOS again ... you may figure out the problem.
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    Typically Clickbank won't reject you, they'll just request ammendments to your site or product in order to be approved.

    The process can be tiresome at times, with delays usually taking days between emails.

    Having said that, based on the nature of your post here, perhaps it was your spelling or grammar?

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    In my experience, yes, they will tell you specifically why your page was rejected and what you need to do before re-applying.

    The one time I had a page rejected it was because I had included a bonus software that was related to getting more Twitter Followers. Twitter doesn't like this type of thing, so CB doesn't like it either. I only had to remove that product to get the page up and running.



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      I've launched a lot of Clickbank products, and can ask questions, and go back and forth a few times until you meet approval.

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