What Is Your Article Builder Strategy?

by Cade21
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For those of you who have purchased Jon Leger's Article Builder, what is your primary strategy for its use? So far, I have only utilized it on free Web 2.0 sites like Google Blogger and WordPress.com for anchor text links to point back to my main sites.

I have been hesitant to use it for direct submissions to directories like EzineArticles and ArticlesBase.com, or for content on my money-making sites because it seems like extensive revision would be necessary, and I would rather use that time on creating original content. Maybe I am all wet with that thinking, though.

What about use on Squidoo and HubPages? Is anyone using it there?

I realize it may be way too earlier for anyone to see results, yet. I've had Article Builder for about a month and have created over 90 articles. I usually dial it up for 1000 words. I'd like to hear how other guys are using it more creatively/intelligently than I am.

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    I go all original content all the time. Google knows when you scramble content with article builders and language translator tools and those articles get pushed down in rankings fairly quickly. Honestly, be creative and paint a picture. You will sell much more that way. Also, piggyback an authoritative website for better SEO. BE CREATIVE!

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    I haven't read article builder, however for unique content articles I used an OK strategy that worked pretty fine for me.
    Finding articles in market samurai that match my niche, extracting paragraphs, rearranging them and rewriting them paragraph by paragraph like:
    I read a paragraph and then I write with my words what I remembered from it, no peeking =)
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    I did some testing and the articles will not pass Copyscape (they would with some minor rewriting), so you would not be able to use them at EzineArticles or anywhere with that requirement.
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      Thank you. That's exactly what I found when I ran a couple pages through CopyScape and the Google Search Box. I'd rather create original content for the directories than spend my time revising someone else's.

      How are you using the content Article Builder returns?
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        Originally Posted by Cade21 View Post

        How are you using the content Article Builder returns?
        Since it returns readable spun articles, I was testing it for article submissions.
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