What should go in META tags now?

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Hi, there,

I know that META tags were all the rage about ten years ago.

Anyone have any suggestions what to put in them, or even to use them at all anymore?

Have a good day, all,

- Paul
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    Don't completely ignore META tags. Google may devalue them, but other search engines to value them and bank on META data to gather relevancy of the page. Also note that Google might not be completely honest when they say that they have devalued META data. That is a very crucial factor while determining page relevancy. It helps index your content in the right category in the Google index. Just don't overdo it and stuff them but basic meta tags are essential.
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    [QUOTE=What should go in META tags now?
    - Paul[/QUOTE]

    Basically all of the same things that went in them before...HOWEVER, make sure that they are relevant to the page/site and that they are use properly (no keyword stuffing).
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    Hi Paul

    Check out this link: Meta tags - Webmaster Tools Help

    In my experience search engines, including Google, do still display Meta Descriptions in their SERP's. Meta Keywords no, but Meta Descriptions yes.


    "...If at first you don't succeed; call it Version 1.0"
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    The meta keyword tag is fairly useless these days as majority of the good search engines are going to scan the content of your page to come up with the keywords they believe are relevant - they won't take any notice of the keywords you insert into your meta tags.

    The meta description tag is still just as important as it always was. First of all this is what people searching your website are going to see below the title in the majority of search engines and I do believe this tag is used in ranking your page since the search engines know you are not going to be stuffing words in there that are irrelevant to the content of your page otherwise no one will click through to see your page.
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    Thank you all.

    - Paul
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    Most definitely use them! Title tags and meta descriptions are a very important part of your SEO plan! Try to use your chosen keywords first, if possible.
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    I'd stick with title, description and the Facebook Open Graph Meta tags

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