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Hello All !!

Does anyone have a High Traffic Christmas site that they would wish to trade links for?

The "season" is upon us and I want to step up my Christmas traffic for a site that has done a little good for me in the past. I came up with this idea several years ago and it always picks up this time of year to the tune of 5 - 10 sales per day and 50 - 200 hits per day.

I built a simple site with free Christmas Cookie recipes (recipessugarcookies.com) and one "upsell" recipe on e-junkie with the secret ingredient that makes an awesome good cookie!! Anyhow, it ranks near the bottom of page one for the term "award winning sugar cookie recipe" and at the top for the plural"....recipes".

Of course I need to move quick as everyone is baking now!

Thanks for any ideas or help
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