Average # of WSO sales?

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Does anybody know what is the average sales number for a WSO?

Or average sales for a first-time WSO?

I know sales numbers obviously vary greatly from product to product. Just wondered if anybody had an idea of average numbers

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    I see many in the range of $15-20, but it varies on the product
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    Thanks for the reply, but I actually meant number of copies sold
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    Depends on the quality of the WSO, how convincing the sales page is and the price..

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      Another point of relevance it your post count. Warriors hold a great deal of respect and weight when their post count is way up there. Unfortunately, mine is NOT, but you should still buy my upcoming product . Seriously though, it does help, just chime in on topics that you can provide some insight and you'll gain a little trust.
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    People I used to launch products for averages around 150 units
    sold for items priced over $10

    But it's common to see really quality WSO products selling
    over 500 units.

    Provide excellent value and you won't have to worry about the
    average sales. Warriors can smell quality products a mile away..
    It's the same thing with crappy ones
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    The sales page really factor in. If you want to have an average idea of the # of sales on WSOs I suggest you check out Warrior Plus.

    They have stats such as 10+, 50+,100+ you can see on a wide scale.

    It really depends on product to product. For me I have had 200 copies sold to 500 copies sold to 20 copies sold
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    I've seen zero posts WSO sellers doing hundreds of sales.

    The thing about WSOs is you don't get all the sales on the day you launch. I thought my latest WSO was a fail but it went on to do over 300 sales in about one month. My other WSO took around a year to complete 200 sales but it has a significantly higher price tag.
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    Too many variables to accurately answer that. I've seen some that get 0 replies and others that net up to $40,000 profit. Thread title, sales copy, testimonials, the product all effect the outcome. Like mikehuff said, you start out with the odds stacked against you a bit if you're new to the forum. People are more likely to buy once you've contributed and given value to the forum.

    Best of luck.
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    While it's unlikely a first WSO will be a home run, it can indeed happen. Don't think you can just slap something together, pay your fees and the bucks will roll in. There are a lot of things that need to be done right to make more than a handful of sales. Do your homework on what it takes to run a successful WSO first.

    As to average number of sales, I don't think there is any way to calculate that, as the stats aren't pooled anywhere centrally.

    The low, of course is 0 copies, and the high is in the several thousands of copies.

    The average is nowhere near the middle of those two extremes.
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    I think it can be intimidating to a newbie to the forum wanting to make a WSO because when you look at the WSO forum, the majority of things you see are pro WSOers that know what they're doing and bumping their thread multiple times. You see "150 copies sold," and "WSO of the Day," and "1000 Sold Already," and it's intimidating.

    I think there are a lot of WSOs that don't get bumped repeatedly and they have much more realistic numbers for a first-time WSO, but people don't notice these as much. They see all the big time threads and get intimidated.

    However, I think if you create a great product and a great sales page, you can do quite well on your first WSO. I just released my first WSO 4 days ago (12/5/11) and I'm already just a few copies shy of 100. My sales are just under $2000 in 4 days.

    But then again, I've been in the IM game for almost 13 years, and feel that I put together a really great product and a great sales page. Point being, if you try hard and put the time and effort into it, you can do well on your first WSO.
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    I sold thousands and thousands of my first WSO, and it's still selling well every day of the week... 6 months later. On the other side of the coin there are those who will launch a WSO and make less than 10 sales.

    There is absolutely no way to give you a proper answer to this question.

    Besides, how many sales other people have made hold no relevance to you at all. All you need to know is that the best selling WSO's have sold 5,000 + copies. Therefore that same number is possible for anyone else. Majority of people will not reach anywhere near that number and there can be a ton of different reasons as to why they don't.
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    I think it also comes down to the type of product you are offering. If it is a new way of creating traffic or income it is probably going to do better than a PLR in a small niche.
    I've done two WSOs, neither of them spectacular, but like everything I guess it's a learning curve.
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    I would say 1500 or so.
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      Originally Posted by jstaffordv View Post

      I would say 1500 or so.
      And I would say LOL!
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      Originally Posted by jstaffordv View Post

      I would say 1500 or so.

      ...and you would be wrong.
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    There is no average.

    WSO is a marketplace where you sell products- it is not a day job where you get fixed salary.

    Bring a great (great for the warriors, I mean) offer, and you can make a killing there. Bring anything other than that, and you will only be seeing fly in your thread. :-)

    Whats the latest movie you watched? Anything good?

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    someone once said to me that the "secret" of success is to exceed customer expectations and I have found this to be the best advice for WSO's. I always like to offer real value and low pricing......so that people get top value. In terms of sales, up to a few hundred is typical but with the right subject matter several thousand is perfectly possible.
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    I'm only guessing, but I'd put the average around 150 or so.
    Successful one's sell many 1000's but that's not going to happen on every launch.
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    It seems to me that the number of sales can also be greatly affected by how many people you have promoting it (to their list) and how big your list is.

    Someone can feel free to correct me if I am wrong here but I'm willing to bet that most of the WSO's that sold lots of copies did so because of many affiliates promoting it to their lists and not necessarily from the forum itself.

    Gone Fishing
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      Originally Posted by cashcow View Post

      Someone can feel free to correct me if I am wrong here but I'm willing to bet that most of the WSO's that sold lots of copies did so because of many affiliates promoting it to their lists
      I have no evidence either way, but I'm willing to bet quite a bit of money at pretty short odds that you're absolutely right.

      I've never done a WSO and am therefore completely objective and independent (i.e. I have no idea what I'm talking about) but I think this is also a potentially instructive little thread on the subject: http://www.warriorforum.com/off-topi...aste-time.html
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        Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

        I have no evidence either way, but I'm willing to bet quite a bit of money at pretty short odds that you're absolutely right.

        I've never done a WSO and am therefore completely objective and independent (i.e. I have no idea what I'm talking about) but I think this is also a potentially instructive little thread on the subject: http://www.warriorforum.com/off-topi...aste-time.html
        Thanks Alexa for including the link to the other thread. It certainly was very instructive in fact, so much so that I posted a comment there

        Average # of WSO sales? Sure, it's always nice to get a feel for what the average is went considering a business venture but...

        To me I want to always focus on what I want not what is average. That's because I truly believe you tend to get what you're looking for.

        That's why I don't spend a lot of time or effort looking for the average of anything.

        I expect and focus only on what is possible and leave the average to those who are average because that's the best they will get. Only problem is that for many average people they get way less than that.
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      Originally Posted by cashcow View Post

      It seems to me that the number of sales can also be greatly affected by how many people you have promoting it (to their list) and how big your list is.

      Someone can feel free to correct me if I am wrong here but I'm willing to bet that most of the WSO's that sold lots of copies did so because of many affiliates promoting it to their lists and not necessarily from the forum itself.

      You are very right on this one here. It's actually almost a mandatory element
      of a successful Wso recipe.
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    I think that an arbitrary number is hard to give out for a question like this. The reason being is that there are so many factors involved. You have to take into consideration the quality of the product, the sales copy, the affiliate base (or the size of the list) of the promoter, and the reputation of the promoter.

    Oh, and then you have the quality of the past products of the promoter. All of these things influence how well a WSO sells. Obviously, a well-regarded, longstanding member with a huge list and several successful WSO's under his belt is going to sell more copies on a launch than will a new member with no affiliate base and an unknown reputation.

    However, don't let that deter you. Everyone has to start somewhere and being a successful product launcher starts with your first product. Do a good job and you will build your reputation and your following.

    Let us know how your next wso sells :wink:.
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    You all should have bought the daredevilmareketing wso. It was chocked full of numbers and a superb "how to" on releasing a wso. It looks like he's since pulled it though.

    It was pretty eye opening for me and I soon realized that clearing $30,000 - $40,000 on a wso was not unreasonable. If you build it.. and give them great value.. they will come.
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    If you make a good WSO but are bad at hype and marketing:
    Anywhere from 0 - 3 sales.

    If your WSO uses a headline like
    "Make [insert amount here] $$$ in 2 days"...anywhere from 1000-5 Billion sales.

    It's (kind of) sarcastic...but also the truth
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    There is no average.

    It's dependent on the product, the producer, the copy , and the affiliates.

    If you need an average, assume you'll sell zero.

    And if you can't lose $40 without financial hardship, you shouldn't put up the WSO.
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    The unvarnished truth is that the first time - or any time - can be wildly successful or bitterly unsuccessful. The statistical "average" from WSO Pro - The all-in-one WSO sale, delivery and management system | WarriorPlus is 216 sales at US$14.61 over the life of the offer. Not bad, but you're leaving tons and tons of money on the table if that's all there is - if you're not building a list, if you're not developing your product list and sales funnel, and attracting affiliates and getting the attention of future JV partners.

    Naturally, veteran warriors who are more active, have more of a following, will start with a slight advantage by "name recognition" but most of them excel because they listen and pay attention to what people want and need.

    Read the threads in the WSO section! Look how many of them are bragging about buying without reading the gazillion word sales copy! Look how many of them buy because they've bought from this particular warrior before and were satisfied, even impressed with the quality!

    This is NOT pixie dust for a select few. Generally, they've worked hard at it for years and continue to get better at it every day that passes - whether it's that listening and paying attention I mentioned, or the full blown research they put into it once they recognize a "need"; or the relative speed and ease of product develop that comes only with practice; or the sales copy and marketing.

    Anyone, everyone can learn to do these things, but it won't happen overnight, and it certainly won't happen at all until you take action.

    "Make it so!" But only if it fits naturally, comfortably into your long-term business plans. (Social media, videos, Kindle, etc. might be better vehicles to get you where you want to go, faster and cheaper.)
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    I think most people struggle to make any sales.

    nothing to see here.

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    I'm a numbers guy so like you I enjoy averages. I always like to plan out the possible outcomes and find out which is the most likely. Unfortunately, in this case I don't think you can find an average per say. Obviously, someone with a big name is going to sell more products then joe blow. You have to build a reputation. I do think that there's just too many damn variables to accurately give a mean number.
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    There are so many variables on this subject, that is nearly impossible to predict. So many WSO's sell well as they are quality products, however there are also those that do not sell well, as they are of a lesser quality as they say.

    Focus on getting your sales page right, and do not forget to have an affiliates page, as these guys will give you a lot of traffic, PLUS a buyers list which is golden.
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    As most of the warriors mentioned above, there are really alot and alot of factors that varies your sales.

    People have sold thousands and thousands while some sold none at all, or even zero replies.

    There is absolutely no way to have a correct answer to your question. Also, people's number of sales has really nothing to do with you anyways. You need to have confidence in your own products, if it has its quality, you wouldn't have to worry about it.

    Feel free to hop onto Warrior plus, there's a stats page if you're interested!
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    As mentioned above, the average, at least for those who use Warrior Plus, is 216. However, this number is mostly meaningless, because some sell zero and some sell 3000+. I have sold over 1000 on average on the ones I did in the past, but it took a good product, good marketing, and actively recruiting people to promote it for me.

    Free IM Info, No Junk - http://www.ironcladim.com

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    I would say that having a good product and a good sales page is only a small (albeit important) part of having a successful WSO.

    Don't quote me on this, but my guess is that the one thing in common that all the top selling WSOs have, is they had a bunch of affiliates, a good email list, or both.

    No matter what you're selling or where you're selling it, you live and die by the way it's promoted.

    I would imagine that even mediocre products have done well because of the affiliates promoting it.
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    My WSO sold 2. And one asked for a refund within a day because of not wanting to be associated with the backlash that came in the comments thread against what I was offering. But I had a few things going against me:

    1. In order to make my Forum user name more closely resemble the business name, I opened a new WF account. Some didn't like the fact I was "new" to the forum and, because of the nature of my WSO, began to question 'who I was'. I've since gone back to using my old user name mostly (though I follow all the WF rules and have never once in any way, shape, form, or function promoted that offer under that name - or even mentioned it - nor will I). The bad thing is this: I'm a Warrior Pro member but rarely ever use this account (again, set up specifically to offer the WSO) - so when I want to visit the WP forum, I have to sign in to this name. That's a pain.

    LESSON (for me only, results may vary for each of these lessons): If you're going to launch a WSO, use the name that's been on the board the longest and don't worry about setting up a account name that more closely resembles what you're selling. I've visited the board for I think 7 years. I had a username that after a couple of years I lost and/or couldn't remember. I signed up as another username and routinely read and occasionally post. Opening a new account to keep all my ducks in a row concerning this business was a mistake not worth making.

    2. My WSO wasn't about making money -- Correction: My WSO wasn't about making money FIRST. Making money is secondary to the concept of the WSO offering - and my headline didn't reflect how someone could make "$10,000 in only 2 days!" or some such non-sense. I tried the psychological approach in my headline by saying essentially "this isn't for everyone, only for ..." - and it didn't even mention money if I recall.

    LESSON: Make it about making money First, Second, Third, and 14th. It's always about the money. And make sure your headline reads like the person will retire in 24 hours by doing nothing, never to work again. Whatever you do, don't go the psychological route.

    3. As mentioned, though it ultimately is, the WSO I offered wasn't necessarily about making money- it's about a subject that makes a lot of people working in IM uncomfortable. The hidden side of IM that no one likes (or wants) to talk about.

    LESSON: Don't offer a WSO that makes some people immediately uncomfortable, and therefore defensive. They will kill you in the comments because they will fail to read anything you've written passed the headline. The rest of the time you'll spend not selling your WSO, you'll spend it defending your WSO and at that point you will have lost. Stick to the 4 main food groups - making money, seo/backlinking, list building, and automation.

    4. My offer normally cost $47 and $19.95 a month for a year - being a WSO (Special Offer) I dropped the price to $10 flat. 10 bucks for the entire year.

    LESSON: Given the nature of my offer I priced it too low and as a result (I believe) it lost all it's inherent worth. There is a price too low, even for a WSO and I missed the mark by given the impression that my offer might have been worthless. I did this not only by offering it too low, but by not making more hay out of the fact it would normally cost a lot more. Pricing a WSO is a risky deal -- too low and there's no perceived value -- too high and it's no longer a Special Offer meant to help others, it's just another sales pitch. I missed the mark.

    But then I did myself one worse ...

    5. With my WSO I offered a 60 day, double money back guarantee. If a Warrior bought the WSO for $10 and didn't make money in 60 days, I guaranteed they would at least double their investment and no one would lose money because I would send them $20 - and they'd get to keep and use the WSO for a full year. Despite having my name, address, telephone number, and credit card information on file here at the WF AND my offer going through Clickbank which had all the same information - my double-money back guarantee was still called a 'scam' by some members here.

    LESSON: Despite all the ways in which I made it available to reach me personally, and the other ways in which others in greater authority (WF, Clickbank) could as well, if the first couple of people who show up to comment on your thread are the type to be distrustful, you're in trouble.

    As mentioned, I sold 2 with 1 refund almost immediately. Because of the mistakes above (and more that I've not mentioned) the WSO didn't do nearly as well as I'd hoped - not only for me, but for the members I was hoping to help.

    Hopes this helps someone increase their own sales.

    IntegrityMarketer.com - Integrity Marketer allows you to start making easy, long term residual income simply by showing others how to do the same - it really is that simple.

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    Having a strong team of affiliates behind you is one of the leading predictors of WSO success in my book. Look after your affiliates well, and they'll do great things for you.

    You also have to have a great product, as no one is going to want to promote a horrible product (at least I sure don't!)

    Strong affiliate base+excellent product=WSO success.

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    Dude you're asking the wrong question. It's been said that there are too many variables to answer this question and that's spot on. Even if you know the average number of sales it wouldn't be of any value to you because of the variables.

    See my post on creating WSO's, at the very least it should give you something to think about before attempting to run a WSO


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