I made $2200 last week...not satisfied

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Hello warriors,

I have started a small company that is based on building great looking information websites for all different types of small businesses. We offer a "Small Business Web kit" that includes a basic 5 page website up to 3 corporate emails and so on. I'm selling the package for $950 and it includes free hosting and absolutely no monthly charge. Pretty much just sell the package, outsource the design of the site, launch the site, collect the payment, and done.

We started by purchasing a subscription to sales genie and hiring 2 telemarketers to cold call nation wide and pitch the package to all the basic types of small businesses ( plumbers, roofers, mom and pop restaurants, auto repair shops etc.)

Things started well but im not satisfied with the way we are marketing our company and services.

What are some things I can do to market this besides cold calling that will essentially boost business? Is there a way to better target small outfits that do not have a website? What are some good online marketing techniques for this type of business structure? Should I start building a list...what exactly is a list?

I come here because I know this place is filled with really smart people that think outside of the box and know how to make money. I'm 21 years old and this is my first real business venture. I'm not trying to become a millionaire but would like for this to turn out somewhat successful. Im hungry for a taste of success and willing to do whatever it takes

Thanks so much guys, cant wait to read the replies..remember, hit me with the basics but also try to think outside of the box. I'm down for trying anything!!

side2sidemedia.com if pages are blank that means we are currently tweaking the site, however any criticism is gladly accepted
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    you should try the following. I just sold our website design company for 130k. I wanted to concentrate more on my online stuff, and niches.

    Your sites looks good. But here is my friendly advice on what we did to wrustel up business.

    - I had a friend source clients for me, and he got a cut of the price. (he was my #1 affiliate and got 50% of the money we made) This worked really well, and my mate has a gift of the gab.

    - Get business cards made and hand them out.

    - Do press releases around the web.

    - Do some forum advertising, and blog commenting in high traffic sites where people would be interested.

    - Have upsells, where they get a package, or call it busienss package...where they get more bells an whistles. Or even make you manage their list (just outsource this)

    - Do some PPC with your nice cash that you have come in. do a small test on adds, and see if people will bite. Start small, and if it works, then ramp up your efforts. Try PPC on google, msn, yahoo, bing etc.

    - Do some articles and spread them around with UAW.

    - See if you can do some offline ads, to get things going. Might cost some money but you will get local area work.

    - Get word of mouth, go to your friends and family or dads moms who need a website an do a really good job, and for a bit of a discount to get the word out there.

    - People want proof, so show them your work from previous times, and wow people. Give them results in advance, and that will boost your conversion.

    - sponser events, to get your name / logo / image out there. This will work if you choose wisely, and the event wisely.

    - Radio ads, you can try them, they use to work well for us. We actually used a guy from fiverr for the voice over....ha ha ha...

    - Try other stuff, like seo, blog ads, banner ads and other media buys to get eye to your website and offers.

    There that will keep you busy till 2013 LOL.

    Wish you all the luck, and hope you kill it.


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    You might also ask yourself, "Who has same people I am looking for as their customers already?" Approach them and do a deal with them for them to recommend you to their customers for a fee or %.
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    Well done! That's a good start! I would definitely go for building an email list of potential buyers. Then, I would start promoting discounts and special offers.
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    gosh, this forum is great! What is the best way to start building a list...are there any crazy tools out there that can target businesses without web sites or domain names that aren't being hosted?
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    I don't recommend doing so even if there is such program.
    How would you react some stranger wrote an email to you, that you've never heard of before?.
    Would you buy?.
    It may just put a bad word upon you.
    Building an Email list isn't nr 1 here to recruit new clients, but can work with existing clients to promote additional services, like SEO, PPC, SMS marketing Etc.
    I would suggest you look into LinkedIn maybe some potential clients are luring there.
    Good luck
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    Direct mailing can turn a "cold call" into a "warm call" but you need to target the correct businesses to keep it cost effective. It's a little bit more difficult for web design opposed to other services because most businesses that can afford a $1,000 website will likely already have one.

    I would think about offering a slightly less expensive service to get your foot in the door which will lead to future upsells. You might have a hard time selling someone a $1,000 website over the phone when they don't know who you are.

    Any business that relies on continuity could use SMS marketing, online reputation management, basic SEO, google places optimization etc.

    You could even grab Willr's WSO and make mobile websites in about 30 mins which would be a nice upsell to throw onto the standard websites that you build.

    If you'd like more help I'd venture over to the "offline" section of the forum. You'll find no shortage of ideas over there.
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    I'm surprised you were able to get $950 for a simple 5 page site.

    I've had many businesses balk at $500 for the very same thing.

    Hats off to you though if you are pulling down sales.

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    Just one comment on your main page design. You are wasting all of that valuable space above the fold. Especially so as the graphic includes a horizontal Line (shadow) that psychologically suggests the whole of the page may be in the viewing window.

    Good luck.

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    One suggestion for you mate that has brought in a bit of work for me over the years for my business is ranking for local keywords for suburbs in your area.

    If you have an area that is multiple suburbs like "the north shore" you could try ranking for "website design north shore chicago" or whatever. Do some keyword research on it first, but this can be a big help. Lets say you got up there and it was super easy, yet you pulled 1 job a month out of it @ 950 a job. That would be easy money, that you dont have to contstantly work on unless its competitive.

    You are in a market that is flooded, so remember that the customer can pick from hundreds of people. Try to stand out from the crowd, and I am not talking by price.

    I would also suggest not making your web hosting free. Make it appealing to host their site with you. I make a few hundred dollars a month hosting websites for my customers, and I do 0 for it. They get the peace of mind that they can call you DIRECTLY without a helpdesk, and get to the person who owns it, and can fix it. This is almost the most important way to keep the lines of communication open with your customer, and keep them yours.

    At the end of the day make the decisions that you think will benefit yourself and get you where you need to be. I can only talk from my own current experiences

    Good luck mate and well done.
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    I have sen Your website and I think it's fine ,also outsourcing is a clever idea if You have a good reliable designer.
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