Where to get free content?

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I'd like to get some written content for a project that i am working on. The content that I am looking for must be:

1. Free.

2. Legal to reuse.

3. High quality.

4. Not necessarily unique.

I'd be grateful for ideas where I can get such content.

Many thanks.

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    You can syndicate the articles of others from the same niche as the one you are in. Simply go to an article directory and find one that you like. As long as you leave the resource box intact and don't try to take credit for the content as your own, it is completely legal.

    If you really like the content, be sure to let the original author know. They will be more than happy to let you continue to publish their other content I'm sure. It's a win-win. It is for you in the short term because you get content without having to write it, and a win for the author because they get traffic to their site from your site.

    In the long run though, it is better for you to produce your own content too. You want those people to stay on your website too lol. A healthy mix of your own content and high quality content from other members of your niche is ideal.
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      Thanks, Joe.

      More ideas would be very welcome.

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    Try myblogguest.com (not an affiliate) They sometimes offer to do free posts to your blog.
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    webarchive is also a pretty good way to get thematic and unique content.
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      Originally Posted by brusUA View Post

      webarchive is also a pretty good way to get thematic and unique content.
      Hi Brusa,

      Many thanks for the idea. There are quite a few results when I search for webarchive. Could you please be a little more specific so that I can find the resource that you mean?

      Kind regards,

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        You can get free PLR content from Mark Austin's Resale Rights Weekly, Cynthia Battye's Daily Niche Idea (dailynicheidea.com) and Indigitalworks. Use Google to find these sites. You need to create an account on each of these sites to get access to free PLR content. Signing up is free, but these sites give you the option to upgrade (for a fee, of course). I would advise you to rewrite the PLR content. You don't have to, but it's best if you do.
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    You can get it from ezinearticle, but you need to make the resource box is there.
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      You can use the content from article directories such as eza. However you have to keep the resource boxes intact.

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    Article directories are your best bet, as others said, but you need to keep the resource box intact. If you want content that you don't have to give attribution to, PLR content works well. You can often buy it cheap or since you're a member of the War Room here, too, I know I've seen quite a few free PLR packs available to members there.

    Some internet marketing newsletter lists will give you free PLR packs if you opt-in as well.

    Dana Prince - The SEO Writer~ Helping You Optimize Your Online Business

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