Have experienced with wp-robot?

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Dear warriors,

DO you have any experience with wp-robot?

there are some questions that I would like to ask,

1) How long have you been using it?
2) How long did it take to make money from it?
3) What is your source of income? (adsense, amazon etc)
4) How much have you received?
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    It sucks and isn't worth it... Your ranks will drop faster than a rock... Concentrate on building valuable content rather than using duplicate articles
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    I have been using WP Robot for 2 years on a number of sites. It has it's advantages and disadvantages.

    It creates autoblogs where content is pulled from various networks(Amazon, YouTube, Shopzilla etc) and with The Best Spinner integration, will spin the content to make ot more unique.

    It connects with a ton of different networks, some which do not necessarily get monetized like YouTube and Flickr.

    My income is sporadic coming mainly from Amazon, Shopzilla and Adsense. Vlad is right on the rankings, but mine have not gone done a great deal. All in all, I recommend it as a "part" of your business, not as the whole of your business.


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    I use WP robot on dozens on sites - but only for blogs I use within my indexer network. For that, it's perfect.

    I got some pages that are pulling 50-100 clicks a day, but it's not going to make you rich..... (btw I don't monetize any of my indexer blogs)

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      I use WP Robot in an unusual way. I have it pull questions from Yahoo Answers on my topic and then use the questions as ideas to write blog posts. I use it on several blogs and it gives me great ideas.
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