Heres a few ways to make money with videos

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Here's 5 sure-fire ways to make cash with videos. So if your feeling stumped about how to make money from online videos, or you just want to know more ways that you can use to make money with videos, then read on.....

1) "How To" Videos
You can create "how to" videos by recording your computers screen while you show people how to use your favorite software program, how to navigate or use a certain website, or how to use applications, etc.

There's free software in the public domain that you can use called CamStudio that will record your desktop to make your own "how to" videos. You can sell the videos you create on your own website or from e-bay on CD or DVD.

2) Video Production
You can also make money with videos that you create for other people who do not have the time, or who do not know how to make their own "how to" videos or sales videos. An example would be to create screen capture videos or Power Point style videos using Windows Movie Maker or other video editing applications.

3) Sales Videos
You can make money from producing your own sales videos for a product or service that your selling and placing the videos on either your own website or uploading them to the major video sharing sites like YouTube.

If you upload your videos to the video sharing sites make sure you brand your videos with your domain name on them and hyperlink in descriptions so people can come back to your website.

4) Web 2.0 Revenue Sharing
There are several websites online often referred by others as web 2.0 sites where you can actually earn a percentage of revenue from people who click on videos that appear in your account. Example: MetaCafe

5) Affiliate Marketing
You can also create video niche sites using free videos that you get from YouTube or other video sharing sites. When the videos appear on your niche site you can have Google Adsense links or your affiliate links appear under each video.

You can make a lot of money promoting pre-made videos as an affiliate that you get from merchants and posting them to your blog or website. You can use these pre-made videos to promote products or services and earn cash directly from the merchants affiliate program.

Theres one more tip that not too many people are doing which is to place a video on your one time offer page. It works extremelly well. I've had up to 50% sales conversions using this method.

I hope these 5 tips (ok 6 tips) gives you some ideas how you can make money with your videos.

Frank Bruno
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