[FREE] Warrior Forum Notification Tool | Make More Money By *NOT* Missing Any Important WSO Again!

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Well, I have a new tool for you today guys/gals...

I was "greedily" using it privately for nearly 6 months...
But since I noticed a similar cool tool has been released (by fellow Mike Lantz), I thought about sharing mine as well!

So I made few modifications to be good for the public release, and here you go...


Warrior Forum's Notification Tool

WFNT will run on your Windows desktop/laptop checking for the latest WSOs...

The real power of WFNT is that you can set unlimited filters & the
application will notify you as soon as a matching filter is found.

"Filters" could be a keywords like "Bum","Secret","Craigslist","PLR","MRR" or anything you like...

Additionally, you can target WSOs started by specific members like "Willie Crawford" or ANY other member(s) that you don't want to miss his/her/their WSOs

List of What This Application Can DO For You:

1) It works form your PC (i.e. it isn't a web application).
I already get 100's of emails everyday, but I only wanted to see these important WSO notifications at my PC's desktop.
(not when I go and check my email inbox).

2) No need to be logged into the WF account and/or to any other accounts (so it can be used by warriors and non-members).
(Hey, if you aren't a "warrior" yet, then you don't know what you're missing!)

3) You can "Manage" the alerts (the main threads) that you've got (i.e. Save/Delete/Mark them as read...etc..)

4) Direct linking to the thread which triggered the notification.
sends you directly to the thread you are interested in... then you take it from there

5) Displays a messenger-like notification, when a matching filter is discovered (this CAN be turned off, if you don't like it!) :

6) Plays a lovely cash register bell (Cha-Chung) sound alert when a filter is matched! -- (You can change this alert OR turn it off, if you don't like it!)

Blinks the icon in the system tray as a visual alert when a filter is matched! -- (this can be turned off, if you don't like it!)

Can target WSOs by "Author Name" and/or "Keyword"
There are no limits on how many filters you can create (keywords and/or warrior names).

9) "Keywords" can be a full phrase, or part of it.
(explanations are in the filters window).
10) If WSO is bumped (in case you rectify this feature later) the user will not be notified again about the same WSO (that has the same thread ID).

Works for the WSO forum, and for the "Classified Ads" section.
(you decide which one you are targeting).

... in addition to several other things of course

12) FREE!

13) Clean & easy to use interface...
Here is a Screenshot:

umm, OK...last words... the whole application is simple & is a little contribution from me as always...

So I'll appreciate your Comments and/or suggestions to improve it...etc..

Well, this application became my WSO BEST FRIEND... Because it saved me from blindly visiting the forum hoping that I've not missed something since my last visit!

Best wishes for all

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