How to tell if ebay BUYER is fraudulent?

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So, I know there is some sort of measured risk when selling online, and now that I've sold my first item on eBay (white iPhone, my buyer used "Buy-It-Now")... Which, I'm actually kinda stoked about.

So, here's my question (also, I don't want to get ripped off):

How can I safely handle transaction as a seller?

I received the 'sold' email from ebay, but what raises my ears is the "buyer" wants me to email my paypal email addy directly to THEM for payment (instead of sending through paypal invoice???). The "buyer" is a new eBay account (as is mine), so I'm sort of weighing the odds if this person is legit or not? Also, I can't find them in whitepages or people search at their address....

I thought this was handled through eBay's invoice? They take their "cut", money goes to my paypal, and the buyer does NOT have to know my paypal email (and I probably should not email them directly)???

I'm sure somebody around here has sold something on eBay before. Can you kindly lend your expertise on safe handling of the transaction? Perhaps someone else can benefit as well.

Thank you!

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    That raises alarm bells immediately to me.

    Go through the proper channels and you'll be fine.

    I'd disregard that buyer.
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    Tell the buyer to go through ebay interface.
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      I had a similar incident this week realized,buyer wanted to send prepaid shipping label.

      Just send them a message like;
      Please use ebay/papal checkout to make payment. This way both buyer and seller are protected through ebay.
      Thanks for your business.

      There are a lot of buyers using loopholes to scam sellers on ebay so always be careful.

      You can also use ebay sellers forum if you need help.
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    Strange request, I'd contact ebay on how to proceed.

    I'm sure that violates ebay's TOS, I'd decline, but doing it on your own you'd probably risk negative feedback.

    That being said whenever someone buys something from you through Paypal they'd get your email address anyway. ebay just needs to get their cut. JMO
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