What's the best time of day to "tweet"

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What's the best time of day to "tweet" or is there one?

I mean, I COULD send out my tweet at 4am, but it seems there might be an optimum time.

Anyone have any opinions or ideas, either way?

Thanks so much,

- Paul
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    I think that depends on your audience. You should try different times and check reactions.
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      AS Nikolas mentioned, you should test it out and see what kind of action you get. I've seen lots of different opinions on this specific question.

      I tweet throughout the day, when there are things to say or I am interacting with people.

      If we are talking about tweeting the same post for example...My general rule of thumb is to tweet between 8 and 8:30 AM to catch folks as they just get in to the office. At this time of the morning people are looking for that little distraction before they get right into the day.

      I will tweet the post again between 3-4 PM to catch people during that afternoon slump, when they might be looking for another distraction. However, I try to be careful to ensure that the second or following tweets on the same post are clear and do not mislead people into thinking it is a new post.

      Some recent studies have suggested that you should be curating about 40 percent of non-original content. So, 60% is original and the balance comes from other sources or are retweets. This comes back to the rule that you shouldn't just talk about yourself constantly.

      Having said all that, everyone is different. There are some very successful bloggers out there who tweet the same posts over and over again and swear by their results. I guess this kind of harkens back to the traditional media "repeat 7 times" rule - you have to get the message in front of people seven times before it starts to sink in. However, that really depends on the message you are tweeting and the audience reach you have. I like to target relative #hashtags/channels rather than worry so much on the number of people following me.

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    In my experience, the best is around midnight.

    Create a link to a YouTube video, and say that it is a YouTube video, to get more clicks.
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    depends what you want to actually do
    and who to talk with

    know what i mean ?
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      I'd probably test it out by sending out the same tweet several times a day and see what type of response you get. I'd send one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. This is the only way to really find out how your followers will respond.

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    Man these days I would not tweet manually. To many bots to do it for you. But I would say the best times to tweet are 1100am to 1:00pm

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    To which country?

    Only you know which time of day your followers are online and responsive.

    I have different time-zones that I cater for as I've lived in 3 countries since I opened my Twitter account and people from those places are all active at different times.

    nothing to see here.

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    In my experience 12:00 PM-2:00 PM EST tends to result in the most click throughs.
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    This is something that just comes down entirely to testing, because the "answer" is dependent on just so many variables.
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    Totally depends on what you're tweeting and what audience you're trying to reach.
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    The best time to tweet link isn't working for me right now to see if it's the same info I have or not, so I'll post. I don't know where I read this but overall the best time was supposed to be Wed 4-5pm local time. Take that however you will.
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    Just read last week where someone did a study and their best time was 4 pm EST on Wednesday afternoon, but danged if I can remember who said it. My guess is that early to late evenings would be best.
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    When the people who care what you have to say are reading your feed...

    My best time is around the 11am-3pm EST, Mon-Thu and around the 6-8pm EST slot.

    The lunch hour always outperformed the evening time by a 3-to-1 margin.
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    I believe that the best time to tweet is late at night around 8 pm until midnight. This is the time that I always visit all social media accounts.

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    The best time to tweet is around 7pm till midnight. Give it a try and see what happens. hth!
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      "9:00 am PST (Pacific Standard Time).Why?
      Because you are hitting three major break times,
      1. People arriving at work on the West Coast of America and Canada, ie Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, etc
      2. It coincides with lunchtime (12:00 pm EST) on the East Coast of America, ie New York
      3. It coincides with the end of the business day in London (5:00 pm GMT)"
      When is the Best Time to Tweet?

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    try to tweet all time in the clock then analyze what is the best time. For tweeting it depends upon what is your going to tweet. It must be in morning, evening, or afternoon. The one you tweet must be on time.
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    That depends on the geographic location of your target audience. Prime time is evenings.
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    Personally, I think that depends on your niche audience.
    Very good Iformation share BY JimDucharme............
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      Originally Posted by hitslikeYou View Post

      Personally, I think that depends on your niche audience.
      Very good Iformation share BY JimDucharme............
      Well thank you for the kind words. I really am loving the information sharing I see here in this community! Smart group of people! I think the general consensus we see building here is the old tried and tested: "It depends..."

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    Not to be a smart ass but the best time to Tweet for me is when Twitting actually is worth my while which has not been the case for many people lately.
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    It depends on what level of people you want to target.

    I find its 2pm UK time as america is just waking up and you have the uk audience and you get the aussie audience before it goes to sleep.
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    Historically, the majority of people use Twitter on their lunch hour.

    The next biggest traffic spike is when people get home from work.

    Judge according to where your target audience lives.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA, PlattPublishing.com
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    I think it would be pretty hard to pinpoint a "best time" because you could have followers in all different time zones but I did just read some study somewhere that said the best time was between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM - the study didn't really say what TIME ZONE though - LOL.

    Anyway, I try not to over think that sort of thing and I just tweet when I have something to tweet about. Some people tweet about the same thing several times a day to be sure to catch all their followers - I haven't done that myself because it seems too repetitive but I suppose if you changed up the tweet each time it could have good results.

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    All day every day
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    You need to be aware of where the majority of your people are. Are they in just a few time zones, or spread out around the globe.
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    its depends on your country weak up time and which time most of the people are login on tweeter.
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    3:47PM PST on the dot.


    A r t e m i s

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      There is no best time to tweet that fits all niches and all purposes.

      I deal a lot with professional musicians and writers and even the times for those people vary, although we most often connect between 7pm-2am PST. That's still a large window of time.

      Like someone else mentioned, it's best to use an automated service and send a series of messages at 4 or 6 hour intervals and see what type of responses you get. It also depends on your MWR (Most Wanted Response).

      Are you going for people who will read your message and purchase something?

      For me, I've never made a dime directly from Twitter. But I have made money indirectly from connecting with people there and then working together on a project.

      I mainly use Twitter to connect personally with creative people I wish to work with, so it all depends on their schedule, which varies A LOT depending on whether you're actively working on a project or not.

      As always your mileage may vary....

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    You can post the same content several times and test the reaction.
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    It will depend on the topic that you are going to tweet. But for me the best time for me is 7:00pm onwards.

    Please only link to your own sites and threads!

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