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i have a product review site that is getting about 150 unique visitors per day from google and bing and is no where near maxed as far serp traffic is concerned. i bet you i can triple that if not more when i rank higher but that's the point of this.

i want to diversify my traffic. please give me some ideas as far as bringing in targeted traffic. i'm open to anything except ppc advertising. i'm not ready for that stuff yet.
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    press releases, articles, guest blogging
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    Think about:

    1. Leveraging Youtube and other video websites. Turn your text based reviews into videos and upload them to video websites. Be sure to keyword optimize your video submissions.

    2. Talking smack about your competitors products. Create content that shows people why all other products, except the products you review suck and why they should buy whatever product you are talking about. This is where blitz20's 3 recommendations come in handy.

    3. Answer questions people have on the web. Search Yahoo answers and other related websites. Better yet, have someone post questions on yahoo answers and then you go answer them with your own yahoo account. Take advantage of micro job sites like Amazon Mechanical Turk.

    4. Comment on blog posts that talk about the products you are reviewing and link back to your own website. You can also comment on blog posts that talk about other "relevant" products.
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    Sounds like even if you were to buy PPC traffic, it would be kind of a hit and miss deal. PPC works best in direct response to an offer so you can measure conversion.

    With a review site, it can be a little more difficult.

    Maybe you can create a squeeze page/newsletter offer for your site and drive loads of traffic to that and then email that list when you make new updates to your review blog.

    Food for thought...
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      You have to be a little specific here..Would you prefer free or paid traffic? It is definitely easier to get targeted traffic via paid sources because of demographic varsity..
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    You could do some videos on Youtube as well. I have had loads of success with that.

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    submit articles to article directories and web 2.0 sites.

    "TAKE ACTION" is the first thing everyone tells you and then they leave it at that. I'll add a second part: TRACK EVERYTHING" - It's the only way to ensure your ACTION leads to results.

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    You can also try promoting your site in facebook
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    There are lots of ways.

    solo ads
    press releases
    joint ventures
    Forum sigs

    Those are just some.

    But realistically sit down with pen and paper and think about where all your likely customers are hanging out online. Then search for those places and see if you can put your ad infront of them.

    So if it is a dog training guide, should you be visiting a goat hearding forum. LOL. Short answer NO!.

    So the best way to make money fast is to go to your most likely prospect. Do not wait for them to come to you. You MUST go to them, and try to get them to your site.

    Good luck. Stick to one method and focus on that one...then go to the next.
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    Network with webmasters that get good traffic to your niche, and offer them an
    advertising spot on your site, in exchange for an advertising spot on their site.

    You can even offer a free video review where you talk about their website,
    why it benefits people, and in exchange, you get text link ad on their site, banner ad, etc.

    If you really want to try PPC out... I don't mind giving you a hand with some tips, ideas,
    and insights. I just got off the phone with my Google team and they checked my
    account history and said its been running ads straight for over 462 days!

    I don't mind even giving you $100 for AdWords to help out! I'll do the same
    for anyone else, just ask for my help and I'll put time aside to help your business.

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    Here are a few ways:

    1) Article Marketing (MUST) + Web2.0 (Submit your article to places like digg, google+ etc.)
    2) Video Marketing (MUST) + Web2.0 (Submit your video to places like digg, google+ etc.)
    3) Press Release + Web2.0 (Submit your video to places like digg, google+ etc.)

    Go to google and search for SenukeX - Senuke will help you minimize all the work load and save you tremendous amount of time (on ALL the above marketing strategies). Senuke really help me a lot in my IM journey, and I'm pretty it can do the same to everyone else.

    Hope this will help you a little

    God Bless,
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  • Hi Red Stanford,

    Syndicate your content in online places heavily trafficked by readers most likely interested in the benefits provided by your products. How?

    Get exact match keyword searches most relevant to your target niche, products, the benefits provided by your products and the needs as well as the problems that can be satisfied and solved by those benefits. Prune your list of exact match keyword searches to those with high local and global search volume as well as good approximate CPC rates and low competition...

    Google those exact match keywords and take note of top ranking page results...

    Pinpoint which of those online places can you freely post useful, relevant content with backlinks pointing to your site's pages offering supplemental content with benefits not found elsewhere. You can also directly contact the webmasters of those sites to negotiate guest authoring deals with them, so they'd get unique, useful and relevant content for their existing viewers in exchange for wider brand exposure and backlinks which can result to substantial traffic funneling for you...

    For instance:

    If you're promoting the latest PC video cards, which a lot of PC gamers search in Google according to the exact match keyword searches you got from your keyword research, then you can gain lots of targeted traffic by:

    Posting useful content, offering optimization tips and techniques to maximize the benefits provided by those PC video cards, in top Google ranking sites and blogs that are heavily trafficked by PC gamers, since they're interested in viewing the content those sites and blogs offer, which may include info about the latest PC video games, walkthroughs and other relevant subject areas...

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    well the most targeted would be

    Solo ads

    Ad swaps.

    These two really work well for me.
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    I think a great way to get targeted traffic is to use social media. Social bookmark your site using tags targeted to keywords in your site. Also use Twitter to get followers that is interested in your products or services.

    And don't forget that the best free way to get targeted traffic is ranking high in search engines like Google. Google is starting to place more importance on the amount of Google +1 likes your site has too.
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    Why not try a paid service to 'build your rank' so you can focus on adding more sites to your arsenal? A service that submits articles, builds backlinks and increases your search engine rankings for whatever keyword(s) you're targeting.
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    There's a cool new FREE service that gets you phenomenal exposure. It's Posterous Spaces. Posterous is media submission on steroids. It distributes articles, videos. images, etc. to many of the top key social destinations. Use this baby wisely and watch your traffic increase.

    Unlike Ping.FM, it works with your email, making it easy to use. Posterous will automatically send videos and photos to other sites. Check them out. Disclaimer: I'm not associated in any way shape or form with this company. Just a happy user.
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    thanks for the great responses guys! gave me a lot to think about.

    for those that asked, i'm not interested currently in PPC advertising.
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    If you have a lot of visitors to your site it is important to have something that will immediately ask them for their information, that way you can contact them and have a better idea of your demographics. You should look up TA Vision because they created a software program that is an automated chat and it instantly makes a connection with your visitors.
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    Target Keywords by writing article and submitting them to top article marketing websites like ezinearticles, articlebase etc.

    Use your targeted keywords and your website URL by using social bookmarking on sites like digg, delicious, stubmleupon..

    Try blog commenting, leave a relevant comment with your targeted keywords in place of your name.
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    For getting targeted (by targeted I only mean targeted !)traffic, I used Yahoo answer. And it helped me more than enough beyond my expectation. I would suggest to give it a try and you will get amazing result.
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      Originally Posted by seobuzz View Post

      For getting targeted (by targeted I only mean targeted !)traffic, I used Yahoo answer. And it helped me more than enough beyond my expectation. I would suggest to give it a try and you will get amazing result.

      can you give a good recommendation for yahoo asnwersing service here on the WF?

      i've seen a couple promising looking WSO's offering yahoo answers and top rated answers but in contacting the majority of people who purhcased it, they claimed their answers and accounts were deleted shortly afterwards by yahoo
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    Try making videos in youtube and also promote your site in facebook. You can generate traffic out of that.

    Please only link to your own sites and threads!

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  • Originally Posted by redstanford View Post

    except ppc advertising. i'm not ready for that stuff yet.
    I hate to say it, but you PPC would possibly be your best option to get big results.
    I posted a thread earlier about the difference between guys making 6 figures a year and the guys who aren't and this is one of the main points.

    They guys making 6 figures scale up a winning campaign. In your case you may have one, but you need to now drive highly targeted traffic to it. One of the best ways to do this is PPC.

    Your other option would be to focus more on your SEO efforts. You said you weren't maxed out on SEO yet? Does this mean you are not ranking number one yet in Google? If so, focus on boosting that if you want to stick with the 'free' methods.
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    try putting your keywords in google 1 by 1 and find and contact people on the 1st page and try to get a link from them back to your site or buy a solo mailing from them or maybe a banner on there site.

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