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by Danyelle 8 replies
Hi Warriors,
I'd really appreciate some input.

I'm working on an ebook for my fitness niche, i plan on giving the first one away in order to build my list and later selling the next two in the series.....
1st question:
Is that a good idea you think, or should I try to sell straight away? Mind you, my blog is brand new. about a week and a half old and only about 300 hits

I had an idea for another book that I recently started, but have no desire to make a blog in that niche, it's kinda related to my career path so in a stretch I guess i could possibly market it on my personal blog, but I don't think I'd want to, those readers I don't feel like they'd be potential customers. And that blog is kinda new, only 1500 hits since may when i started.
2nd question:
How do I go about getting affiliates to possibly sell that ebook? Do I have to make a site for it too you think?

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    Hi Dani:

    Q1. If your blog is new, its always a good idea to offer a strong incentive for opt-ins. So giving away your first ebook will probably encourage new sign-ups.

    You could also take a compromise position -- give away 5 chapters of that first book in return for an opt-in, then sell the entire ebook for a nominal price (eg $7). This way, you start to "train" your subscribers, so to speak, to be in the buying mindset.

    Q2. If you're thinking of recruiting affiliates, a site comprising a sales letter page is a must. Smart affiliates will always choose to go with a publisher-merchant with a sales site that looks like it will do a good job of converting any traffic they send its way.

    Hope this helps.


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      1st question:
      Is that a good idea you think, or should I try to sell straight away? Mind you, my blog is brand new. about a week and a half old and only about 300 hits
      I think being new, you should give us a freebie in exchange of their email.

      2nd question:
      How do I go about getting affiliates to possibly sell that ebook? Do I have to make a site for it too you think?
      You can list it in clickbank to get affiliates.

      My overall advice is to focus on ONE, make it successful and then you move on to the next.

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        Hey Danyelle, congrats on completing your first product, and already hard at work on your second. That's determination!

        I will suggest something a little bit different...

        Instead of giving away "free chapters" of your ebook that you're thinking of selling, why not write up a quick 2 or 3 page "special report". Make it sort of like a product review type of report that directly ties in to the subject matter of your ebook.

        Or, you could also just expand a little bit on different chapters covered inside your "for sale" ebook and create a couple free short "special reports" to give away to your subscribers.

        These can easily contain affiliate links to other products you may be promoting as well.

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          Thanks for the responses and ideas! Tracy, I dig that idea with a shovel! Thank you again.
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          Since you're new I would give something away to entice your visitors to sign up to your list. In today's world, getting a new subscriber is getting harder than ever before. So make sure that the freebie you're giving away is packed full of value as well
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    By offering a free ebook/report, you'll have taken a step towards viral marketing which will probably pay off quite well over time.

    Just a quick tip, make sure you state that your ebook/report has resell/giveaway rights so people know they can offer it to others freely - this way it swirls around the internet and over time gets a lot of new people to your site/blog.

    I've actually received a lot of new subscribers/sales through the viral ebook method - you've done really well so far, best of luck with marketing your site
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      Here's the best advice you're going to get:

      Focus on one thing!

      The first thing you should focus on is building your list. Should you do that by giving your first book away or should you create a special report just to give away, that would lead into selling your first book?

      It doesn't matter. Just pick something and go with it. The important thing is to make the decision and begin implementing it today.

      Then, only after you've created your squeeze page to build your list should you try selling them something.

      That's why it's important to start with building your list today, so you can get that part of your system done with, and then move onto setting the next part up.

      Then, after you've start building your list, next create your sales page and your product for sale. Then, tweak and test the sales process and list building process until you get a number you're happy with.

      AFter that, then you can either worry about how you'll get affiliates or creating another problem.

      But just focus on one element at a time for now, in the order I described to you.


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        I thought the first step was drumming up traffic? That's what I've been truly focusing on so far
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