which domain would you buy?

by crunch
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I have targeted a long tail keyword that has 600 daily searches and 25000 competing sites, and these people spend.

There are 3 words x y z , of course xyz.com is taken, so is x-y-z.com . both the .info are available. I could get the .info or do xy-z.com.

what would you do?
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    I would take dot com
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    I would look at a .org before .info, but if that option is already taken then I'd go with xy-z.com
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    What about .net?

    And as for xy-z.com it totally depends on what your words are.

    For example, makemoney-now.com would be ok however myname-is.com wouldn't.

    Sure these are bad examples but what I'm trying to say is the hyphen would act as a 'breather' in a sentence and out of place would look wrong.
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    I think the "misplaced" hyphen would confuse visitors, but you never know.

    Ivan is on the right track, are there any words you can add to the URL, without it getting too long?

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    I always go fo an extra word and if its a selling site i add the direct
    so its www. x y z direct.com
    or you can add online or something that helps further with the idea of selling things ie I own playpensdirect.com which sells childrens playpens
    direct to you
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    Thanks guys, the - does unbalance things, i look into adding a fitting word.
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