Should I register popular, but not correct domain name?

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Hello again! I plan on buying a domain today and I have few keywords for it. These keywords are extremely popular on Google and there is little competition.

However, there is a catch: it is not exactly correct English phrase. It is exactly on topic, but not in proper sequence. To give you an example: domain is taken, but is not, and yet it's very popular - should I take it?

PS. Don't look these domains up, I just made them up to make an example
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    If there is actually a significant amount of exact monthly searches for "marketingbestof" then yes, you should certainly register it.

    Make sure you are however looking at EXACT monthly searches and not BROAD monthly searches, as that can significantly skew the results.
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      *ummmm should be

      Thanks for your answer. Does Google Adwords keyword tool show specific, or broad results? If it shows broad, do you know a place where I can find specific searches?
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        Hi Optical,

        In Google Adwords, on the left hand side, you can see a box which allows you to pick one of Broad, Exact or Phrase.

        You will have to untick the broad box and tick the Exact one.

        Let me know if/if not this help.s
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          Thanks for the tip, it helped
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    If its going to be your primary website then go for a correct term in sequence. Try different variations and you will find one.. such domains are usually used as secondary sites to assist the primary website by redirecting traffic to it and to help it in SEO.
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    What number of exact monthly searches would you say is a good start?
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      Originally Posted by Optical View Post

      What number of exact monthly searches would you say is a good start?
      There is no set answer to that. It depends on how tough the keyword is. As high as possible, with as little competition as possible should be your aim. There are 200k exact monthly searches keywords that are easier to rank than 5k exact monthly searches keywords.

      Exact monthly searches are only a part of the equation.
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      Originally Posted by Optical View Post

      What number of exact monthly searches would you say is a good start?
      You can probably get some more helpful advice, now that you've gone this far, if you tell us the following:

      Keyword Tool Exact and Phrase Searches for the EMD (Exact Match Domain) you're thinking of registering.

      The same figures for the correct EMD.

      How are you going to monetise this site?

      If it is Adsense, then you have to check if there are any advertisers using the incorrect name and if so how much the maximum CPC (Cost Per Click) is that they are paying - give us these figures as well if relevant.

      If it isn't Adsense, then what is the source of income - Amazon, ClickBank, CPA etc.

      What is the competition like for the incorrect domain?

      Check this by searching in Google (without quote marks) and see what sites come up at the top of the first page. How strongly are they targeting the incorrect keyword?

      Is Google going to auto correct a search for your incorrect keyword?

      There is a whole lot more, but sure that these will keep you occupied for a little while

      It is worth making certain, as much as you can, before spending countless hours setting up a website, hat it has solid reasons to pursue. I speak from experience having registered many websites through emotion, rather than reason, in the past!

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    You can definitely give it a try.
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