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So, Ive been thinking abut trying my hand at this and I am interested in knowing if any of you have created a book (or books) and if you are seeing sales?

Also, is it fairly easy to figure out how to do?

Just curious...

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    I've done it before, and I have three up and selling. Well, to be precise, one book generates the majority of my sales. The other two sell odd copies now and again. It's definitely a matter of:

    --Creating a GREAT book... one that's formatted beautifully, doesn't just fill up space, and provides useful information.

    --Creating a WANTED book... one that people actually want to buy. If people aren't looking for "underwater basket weaving for dummies" and you create an ebook, you can't create the demand for it as easily.

    --Creating SEVERAL books... don't just give up if your first doesn't sell. The second and third and fourth will give you even more experience, and by that point, you'll start to get an idea of the niches that sell well and the ones that don't.

    --Creating BUZZ for your book... give away free review copies in exchange for Amazon reviews (not false-positives, as a few five-star reviews without many details in a row looks downright suspicious).

    I found it easy to figure out, but it did take me trial and error and a few days. Hope that helps.
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      Thanks so much Zabrina, that does help. One question did you learn how to format the ebook? Did you figure it out yourself or did you use some sort of template?
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    I used a template from an Amazon course here called "The Amazon System", but honestly, you don't even need that. If you do some Google searches for Createspace interior templates, you'll turn up resources like this.
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    I sell lots of books through CreateSpace. In fact it was one of the few methods of making money that worked for me, right from the very start.

    If you pick a niche where there is interest and not a flood of similar books, you will make money. It's as simple as that really. If you write a book about a topic that is flooded with competition, forget about sales. That's just my experience with it.

    I originally wanted to give away the first book I published with them, as I only wrote it for fun. I posted the entire book as a Squidoo lens with a link for them to buy the physical copy if they wanted or needed it. That one book gets me a check for $40-$100 each month. I didn't stop at one book, though

    Of course, someone will read the above and immediately formulate a strategy for spinning won't work. Proper books sell very well on there as it is community driven, but they hate PLR. Even poor quality work will get slated in reviews.

    I know the above doesn't apply to you, but I'm adding it in because otherwise someone will start planning to crap in the knowledge pool again.

    Don't forget to post a preview in Google Books as well.

    Colin Palfrey

    I write articles and eBooks - PM me for details!
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    I've done well with a relationship/sex book that my best friend and I wrote. It was just a fun project at first, but it has turned into quite the little money maker! We're working on a sequel right now.
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      Before I moved over to Kindle, I started on CreateSpace.

      My first titles were all public domain books.

      I learned alot about publishing and Amazon doing this...some of the books sold well, others didn't. I was "lucky" to find a few titles that didn't have much of a presence on I simply filled a need.

      I think the biggest factor in seeing some success was that my books were laid out professionally (I used Adobe InDesign) and my covers were professional - and not "sorta" professional - you would think I paid someone to do them...(all the years of Photoshop learning paid off!)

      Funny thing is, I still see money roll in every month from those books...even though I haven't touched them in almost a year.

      Now that I am looking to expand my Kindle efforts into more of a full-time business, I am looking at CreateSpace once again.

      Some of my first Kindle projects weren't geared towards print, but now that's not the case.
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        I think you will find quite a few people here who are doing well with createspace. But you do need to be able to write. If you are a marketer looking to make a quick buck then it won't work.
        Createspace is good also because the royalties are generally higher than kindle where you have to price very low.
        Most createspace authors are however putting their titles on kindle as this is a growing market.

        I use the supplied template for all my books and the free cover creator.

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      I've created products for clients on this topic and there is more to it than just writing a book, putting it on a site like CreateSpace and hoping that it sells. How you market your books and yourself as an author can make or break you in a lot of cases.
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    I'm publishing a LOT on Kindle, so I'm looking to put out my most popular Kindle books in print. CreateSpace seems to be the easiest way?

    My stuff...
    1 (consulting and coaching - I've been a full time affiliate marketer since 2000)
    2 (free and paid PLR products)
    3 (digital downloads deals site)

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      I have a successful book on createspace, it was initially an ebook I sold online that I turned into a book. I've been doing pretty good from it, about 300-400/month.

      Sales really boosted on createspace when my ebook started to be pirated a lot.. turns out people download the free ebook, and if they like it, they get the physical version because they prefer to read a physical book.
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