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Can anyone tell me if i want to drive traffic,we need to use free traffic or paid traffic?which one more effective?
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    Well for targeted market and fast traffic, i use paid traffic
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    Originally Posted by jwchia11 View Post


    Can anyone tell me if i want to drive traffic,we need to use free traffic or paid traffic?which one more effective?
    They are both effective. However, getting free traffic is a skill that every marketer should master. PPC, especially with Google, can be quite costly. From what I've been told, it prefers to deal with larger companies now. A lot of smaller affiliates are getting their accounts shut down and stuff. Other paid methods are cheaper, but they don't deliver quality traffic that converts into sales. Go for free traffic.

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    Free traffic is cheaper in the longrun and kinda more effective.
    However, SEO is a science that not everybody is aware of.


    I will run profitable ad campaigns for money.

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      "To be or not to be" - that's the same kind of question

      It all depends what you want to achieve. If you want traffic to your blog, for example, then free traffic is a good solution. Takes time to build, but brings more and more results with time.

      If, on the other hand, you want to build a list quicker or do plain direct linking then paid traffic is more effective - you get the results almost immediately.

      My 2 cent.
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    Honestly if you have the time, money and willingness to learn how to properly use paid traffic than it is definitely something you should do and make one of your core skills. You can rapidly accelerate how long it takes you to generate a real income online by learning how to profit from paid traffic sources. It's true that there is some risk involved, but it is not as complicated and scary as many people make it out to be.

    You have to be smart and take things seriously when it comes to buying traffic. It's not for people looking to dabble. The people that I personally know who generate six and seven figure incomes online all use paid traffic. Buying traffic is a numbers game and you have to be willing to work the numbers till you generate a profit. What's so appealing about paid traffic is that once you do have your ducks in a row your profits are fairly predictable and stable. It's also a lot easier and faster to scale up and increase your profits exponentially through paid traffic.

    The main thing to understand is that you're going to have to learn how to get paid traffic working for you. Part of that learning curve may be losing money and getting over various technical hurdles related to & tracking such. But if you go in with the right mentality (which is 90% of getting it right) and are willing to be persistent and pushed through the fear and the failures along the way, you will indeed be greatly rewarded.

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    Free Traffic = Takes time to build

    Paid Traffic = Comes quick

    Both are good but it all leans on what you want like Robert said
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    free traffic is all well and good if you are playing the long game as in SEO, paid traffic is were its at imo!

    i do a lot of PPC and let me tell you guys thats were the real doe is, but it takes a nice float to start out and learn your craft well

    dont get me wrong i also have some long term sites dependent on SEO, but for fast money paid traffic is the way forward!
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      It really comes down to how much time and money you have. If you want quick traffic you have to pay for it. With free traffic it is going to take you some time to build it up, so in reality it really isn't free because of the time costs.

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    I don't think there is a such a thing as "free traffic".

    Even if you went about pure "white hat" SEO and syndication route it takes weeks to months to get meaningful traffic to your sites.

    Paid traffic gets it to you in an instant and time is money.

    Plus I think anyone who willingly clicks on an ad is more likely to purchase something than someone who is searching or clicking around blindly through the web.
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    I think think it will always behove any internet marketer to understand how to utilize and maximize the effectiveness of "free" traffic. Just my two cents, but both methods can be used concurrently to get the best result. Don't think you ever really need to make the choice between one or the other....unless you don't have the money, and the choice is made for you.

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    Free traffic isn't only about SEO. You can post to classified sites, forums, blog comments, etc. It can even be instant exposure on the right site. SEO isn't a mystery - just use white hat techniques. Long after your paid ad runs out - good SEO'ing lasts longer but takes longer generally.

    As for paid traffic - I get good results. Google is not the only game in town. You should also check out facebook ads. I have had success using adwords and much more success with facebook ads.

    Hope this helps,

    A r t e m i s

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      The guys I know making squillions onlilne use PPC. SO we do this as well...but you gotta have good money upfront or its a waist of your time.

      But PPC = Saves time and costs money.

      FREE TRAFFIC = Takes time but saves you money.

      You just have to sit back and ask yourself, as a marketer what do you have more of these days. To me time is money so we go for the PPC route. Its quick, its fast, and you can test things instantly. Dont have too much time to spend hours writing articles or we get others to do it. Outsourcing rocks.
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    I think that is not important free traffic or paid traffic. For me more important is : Target raffic or just traffic..
    You earn more when the traffic is Targeted to the niche of your website.!
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    In the long run, free method can help, but nothing is ever free. SEO costs money, and Paid costs me. It depends on what you are looking for at the moment.

    If you want to make money now! Pay for traffic to make money.

    If you want to wait and pay to build SEO, then you can make money later.

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    I go for both while both do bring quality traffic to me which able to convert to sales.
    Ofcourse mostly you can found it is organic traffic mostly is better while they do have higher chance to convert to sales, low bounce rate and high numbers of page view .

    If you try for Google Adwords search PPC, sometime it help you to gain quality traffic as well for those keywords that you do not have in Top Ranking.

    BUt if you only have too choose one , ofcourse organic traffic is the best.
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    As someone pointed out on a post I made earlier this week the most important part of your puzzle is having an offer that converts very well.

    If you have this and can buy traffic cheaply then test and try. Do the math and make sure u are in profit i.e. not spending more on advertising than u make from your sales.

    For FREE traffic I use article marketing very well ... my best article has a CTR of 89% and my average is around 50% plus. I also use video marketing because it is quick and effective.

    Final comment remember to build a list ... a list you have a great relationship with.
    Then traffic gets easier

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    Free traffic is good any more effective and it takes time, but for a fast traffic i strongly recommend a paid traffic.
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      Here is a stat for you: do you know that on average, less than 30% of all traffic comes from paid search? This is why corporate brand marketers invest in a social strategy that drives organic traffic vs. inorganic paid search. In truth, most consumers typically do not even look at the paid/featured search sections and are in the habit/have been trained to go directly to the organic search results...there are studies about eye movement during Google searches that back this up.

      If you are having a hard time attracting visitors, it is most likely because you are:
      a) not differentiated enough from competition and/or the points of difference that you offer are not valuable to the consumer
      b) not offering any value to the consumer
      c) not properly SEO'd

      If you are relying upon paid search for traffic, eventually you will be running your pockets dry and closing up the shop. Paid search is not as efficient and eats your profits. If you are relying upon paid search and that is your source of traffic, most likely you are not successfully communicating your value proposition/points of difference to your consumers...therefore, not driving organic traffic.

      Check out the link in my sig for deeper insights about this topic
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    Paid traffic can be very effective to test a market/niche and see if your offer converts well. If so you can then take the time to move forward with an SEO campaign.
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    My opinion it depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you are looking to make quick sales then paid traffic might be your best bet as it is usually more targeted such as Google Adwords. If you are trying to accomplish a long term branding/sales campaign with some staying power then you can easily succeed with free traffic while working on your SEO and targeting many smaller niche keywords to bring in your targeted traffic. It also depends on your niche. If it's in the genre of the types of products that traffic exchange marketers would be interested in then there is no better place to pick up targeted traffic in huge amounts for much cheaper than any other source. I know many people will say that traffic exchanges do not work, but that is a misconception created by people trying to market things that don't belong anywhere near that niche or not taking the time to get creative with their splash page, squeeze page and sales page creation. The great thing about traffic exchanges is that they also in the process of gaining you conversions give you the ability to earn money by referring other members that purchase upgrades or advertising.
    Conversions have never been so easy!
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    In my opinion there is no longer such a thing as free traffic that makes money.
    You may get some free traffic by posing some kind of crazy viral video or text, but you won't get much sales from that. Unless the viral video is about your product and then you're a genius.

    The better term is "organic traffic" and you can get that by either spending lots of your time producing content and links or paying someone to spend time or automate things.

    The best way is to do both PPC and Organic Traffic, they compliment each other.

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    I agree that it all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you have product that you believe will convert well then I would go for paid and targeted traffic for fast money. On the other hand, if you want to build an online business then I would invest my time in article marking, posting in forums and writing press releases for organic traffic. Organic traffic takes time but it long lasting and you can get an endless amount of targeted visitors based on your SEO efforts and quality content on your site.
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