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I've just booked a meeting following some of the Offline consulting strategies listed here recently with a locksmith. It sounds like they do corporate security systems (cameras and keycards) as well.

I've got a bunch of ideas for them, but a little lost as to the appropriate role for the autoresponder here. I can't quite come up with a reason why I'd want to stay on a locksmith's list. Any ideas, brilliant Warriors?

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    In a case like that you might encourage the locksmith to find and distribute through his autoresponder list information related to locks and home security.

    Do you know what locks are best for what purposes? I don't.

    Would you read an interesting review comparing locks tested in certain situations? I would.



    "Observation is an act of creation through limitations inherent in thinking"

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      Thanks, that's right on. I guess my only hangup is, sure I would read that right after I bought my locks, but six months from now won't I lose interest an unsubscribe? Just because one buys new locks so rarely.

      Or am I analyzing too much?
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    I used a locksmith when we moved into our home - we changed all of the locks. New homeowners would be interested in a locksmith's service. See if there is a "welcome wagon" for new homeowner's in your area, or possibly teaming up with realtors.

    LAD Web Design

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    I have a client and friend who's a locksmith. Locksmiths have a wealth of knowledge to share with you.


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      The problem here is your mindset.

      I COULD come up with a dozen very good reasons a locksmith should have an email list (promotion of other related products and services from businesses who are joint venture partners, education on when and how to contact a locksmith, how to secure your home tips etc etc).

      But the biggest problem here is that you're going in with a preconceived idea of what you should try to sell to this locksmith.

      Instead look at the process as a fact finding mission.

      You ask questions, find out how this locksmith is making his money, where his clients are coming from and what he wants out of his business.

      Then come up with suggetions...customized solutions based around the information you've gathered, that will help increase his sales and profits and help him get what he really wants.

      Keep making suggestions until you hit on something that gets him excited then run with that.

      That's the mindset that will get you paid premium prices for your services.

      Notice how it's completely different from trying to "sell" a business owner an autoresponder service (or any service).

      You find out how their business works and what they want and you create a solution they can get excited about.

      This process is also a whole lot more fun for everyone involved.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    Linda, thanks for that, and Jay, that video was brilliant and got the wheels turning.

    Andrew, I could have thanked you 1000 times for your contributions to the Cash Cow and Offline Gold threads. I preach your gospel of the fact finding mission only partly because I abhor the hard sell.

    You're right about not having an preconceived ideas, but I guess it was in the interest of not offering anything useless that I asked this question. If I get to the point where I see an autoresponder could benefit this business, I wanted to think ahead and try to consider what content or offers would keep me as a customer on the list of a company I only buy from once in 5 years...

    But I may be contradicting myself.
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      Have him start building his buyers list via e-mail with a future discount coupon when they verify their e-mail address to get it.

      The future discount can be so many things its impossible to guess here but talk to him and see what he offers to customers. Example: commercial locksmith, residential, or both? car lock outs? re-keyed locks,etc.

      Also an optin form on his website for folks to get a discount coupon and or information related to his trade. The coupon to redeem they must call in with a promotion code or print out.

      Frank Bruno
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    On a related note, as far as dishing out the coupon...would it be a good idea to design a quick page with a nice coupon graphic as the "thank you" page after they confirm the subscription?

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    Thanks a ton guys. The coupon fits right in. I think I'm more concerned about 6 months down the line when everyone on the list has their locks and don't want anymore coupons, why do they not unsubscribe?

    But as I type I'm realizing the wisdom of what Andrew was saying is that the business owner should answer this for me in the meeting if I don't sell it to her preemptively.
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      Hrrrrmmmm ... Who changes a lot of locks?

      Ohhh I dunno ...
      Their Property Managers?
      Apartment Complex Managers?
      Commercial [OFFICE SPACE] Property Managers?
      Day Care facilities?
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        One thing you should do is get familure with the industry your going to work. Before making the video, I spent several hours with the guy in the video and his father (over 40 years as a locksmith).

        We talked about how some of the BIG ads in the phonebook goto a call center. Those calls are then dispatched to someone with little experience as a locksmith. Many are just handymen or somewhat handy. They generally don't have the knowledge to do a quality job. They'll drill a lock that doesn't require it.

        I'd recommend a good few hours getting to know your potential client before you go out giving ideas and the like.

        Jay NaPier

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    Jay above is right!

    One thing I would say is to familiarize yourself within the industries you want to work in. It certainly helps. Not always needed but can help massively.

    With a locksmith,

    You could capture emails regarding his security systems etc.

    Offer a free guide to choosing the right security system for homes, businesses etc.

    If I was looking into security this would certainly help me, you could then upsell the security products they sell or upsell a free consultation etc.


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      Don't forget topics that are close to your client's specialty, but not an exact match...

      For example, if one of the profit centers is doing key cards and security cameras, a natural offshoot is 'theft prevention', how to keep employees from pilfering.

      You could even JV with a commercial insurance broker to offer tips on security measures that lower insurance rates. If their net profit is 20%, finding a way to save $20 is like making an extra sale of $100.

      Showing your client's potential customers how to add profits by using his services helps reposition him from a necessary evil (expense) to a profit-enhancing investment.
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    Well how about some tips and tricks that only locksmiths would know, and I'm sure they know plenty.

    kill the mortgage. ....i'm the guy they tried to hide.

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      i think you are micro analyzing the situation.

      In every AR system, there will be people unsub ing.
      And there will also new clients who will subscribe...

      So stop worring about ppl having no reason to stay on the list after 6 moths...
      It's a non issue.

      Concentrate on building the business on an ongoing basis.

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    Concentrate on getting his buying customers on a list that he can quickly and cheaply send out offers in the future. Like a once a month coupon that can be givin to a friend or relative. Also with his buyers list he can cross promote other services.

    Frank Bruno
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    Thanks to everyone for the advice... an update if you're wondering...

    As predicted, it didn't really come to the content of the emails, at least not yet. They were pretty marketing savvy (and yet were throwing buckets of money away on Yellow Pages and the like.) They knew they had to get more of an online presence, so I ran through the gamut of what I could do for them and they asked for a proposal on an autoresponder setup and basic SEO. I priced it a little higher that a lot of people have been around here, mostly based on their current ad budget and the VALUE I was providing...

    They came back and said they want to shop around and they'd get back to me, which is strange since they had never heard of anything I was talking about. Probably my own mistake in not making it an undeniable conclusion that I was offering enormous VALUE. I don't think it was a total blowoff despite what it sounds like here, so we'll see what happens.
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    Kudos for taking action, when going in like everyone said about doing your homework is a big first step but no matter how well you can prepare you will still have some folks who like vanilla and not chocolate etc.

    You may want to just follow up (check for yourself first to see if they have a presence on the google local business directory and if so if they had claimed their listing ) letting them know that you noticed they hadn't claimed their google local business directory listing and you'd be happy to show them how to do that since this is a free service provided by google.

    You may also want to in the future mention how not only will you work with them on getting them more business using your strategies but you also educate them on the process (use gotomeeting or webex).

    Just another arrow in the arsenal.

    Great job again for taking action, remember nothing happens until you do!!!

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    Hey John
    Thanks for the post and for the Jobless Dad thread, that was great.

    I definitely went through Google Business Directory with them in the meeting, as well as a whole host of things, all with the intent of fitting it to their needs and framing it with respect to bringing in more customers.

    However, I like the idea of coming back at them with a reminder of how much free information I already provided and will continue to provide.
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    Your very welcome, if you ever need anything just send me a pm.

    I had a couple of free videos that may be of interest to you as well.

    Just taking the first steps are usually the most difficult after that everything builds on the previous experience.

    Let me know how everything goes-you may also want to mention about the tubemogul idea I use the example that uploading to youtube is important but there is another service called tubemogul that's free that will not only upload your video to youtube but to a number of other video services for you as well and the service is FREE!

    So if I was building a swimming pool in my backyard and I was using a spoon and you were using a backhoe we'd both accomplish the same goal you'd just do the job faster and more accurately the same with tubemogul and services like them.

    Congrats again,

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