Quality of traffic from Stumbleupon?

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Hi. I have a Stumbleupon account but other than posting my own posts to it, I don't do anything else like befriending/following people or posting other links that aren't mine.

I find when I do post do Stumbleupon I get about an extra 200-300 hits on the page (one time 1500 which for my site is crazy), but I see from Google Analytics that the users don't hang around too long (compared to readers who've landed via other links or a google search).

I don't get an increase in sign-ups to my opt-in, nor much spill over into other pages they view after the one linked on SU.... so my question is - is the nature of SU that the user is just in 'scanning-mode' and not that receptive to individual sites, or does my site just suck?! Do you folks get anything out of SU other than a traffic spike and not much else? Or do you think Adsense is a better way of monetizing pages that I'm posting on SU?

Thanks for your input, I've learned a lot on WF just by skulking around in the background like some creep, don't post much but I truly do love you all ;-)
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    I find it depends on the kind of site you have whether or not stumbleupon traffic is worthwhile.

    For example I have localised sites such as travel, television, shops etc that do really well from there and the rest doesn't do so well.

    Sometimes I will look at my statcounter and think wow my site got a lot today (double what it usually gets) then I realise the extra has come from stumbleupon!!!!

    Then it brings me back down to earth
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      StumbleUpon is a complete laugh when it comes to quality targeted traffic generation. Those leads (if you ever get them) are really nothing too valuable to acquire.

      You can get many people visiting your content, heck, even subscribing to your email newsletter.

      But do they convert?

      Most of the time, those subscribers from StumbleUpon won't buy from you anything, unless your niche is extra "interesting", you offer a breakthrough product or idea, which isn't popular.

      In short, I really would advise you stay away from StumbleUpon traffic, it won't make you even as little as $100, unless you're lucky.
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      If you are sharing your site through stumbleupon toolbar your friends will click on your site and close it. Through stumbleupon you can increase traffic but your site's bounce rate will also increase.
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    it may or not be if much use in your situation but I have found that
    AddThis - Share Button, Social Bookmark, Sharing Plugins and Module
    is excellent.

    You can bang out back links in no time and your followers can pick and choose what their platform is and promote it also.
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    Stumbleupon will definitely get you visitors, but it will not be a quality visitor, but it will help Google crawl your site faster. If you have good friends on Stumbleupon, you can get about 200 visits a day.
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    Stumble upon is not very effective so don't use it.
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      The only sites where I get useful StumbleUpon traffic is with my entertainment/news sites.

      I also regularly bookmark my posts just in case I happen to strike it lucky. However, in general, I don't think that traffic from SU is that useful to marketers because the visitors have done just what the name StumbleUpon suggests - the traffic from SU are usually just browsing. They're not necessarily people that are directly looking for the information that you are offering and they're almost certainly not buyers.

      Those browsing the internet for something interesting are not really the kind of people that you want to send to your offers/promotions because they're not ready to buy. The conversion rate is incredibly low.

      That said, the I'm not complaining about the traffic that I get to my entertainment or news sites because those are monetized with banner ads.
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    I haven't make a single sale from stumbleupon visits. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but that traffic seems really low quality.

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    People submit their sales pages and commercial sites to SU, but the majority of stumblers aren't much interested in sales pages. They like cool videos, photos and interesting posts. It can bring you traffic, but not traffic that is likely to purchase anything if it is a commercial site, and it will increase your bounce rate. Some commercial sites do better than others ... like hand-crafted jewelry or hand-made pet clothes, etc. would probably do a lot better than a Make Money Online page.
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    Trying to decide whether its worth spending the time building up contacts on Stumbleupon.....I use delicious and several other bookmarking sites for backlinks.
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    UK Farming Classifieds
    Good Quality Fiverr Gigs for Charity -> PR 4 link for 3 months, Your link on 3 homepages for 1 month, quality article writing
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    I've never found it very useful. Sure, you get traffic but as you found out, they don't stay very long so it's not exactly high quality traffic.
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    Cool, thanks folks - glad I'm not the only one experiencing this - I'll just stick with using it for backlinks (it's one of the services I have on Onlywire).
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      The only time I got a burst from StumbleUpon was for an Adsense-driven site. Don't remember the number correctly as it was way back in earlier parts of 2009 (from what I remember), and the volume of traffic was very high (high hundreds or low thousands? don't remember...) - but the bounce rate as per Google Analytics was also very high and the Ad CTR was also extremely low. As obvious I have forgotten most of it but the point is that I didn't try to be stumbled much any longer after that experience. I prefer SEO traffic the best.

      The reason is probably that people are more in a social mood rather than purchase mood when they are on social sites (my guess). So they would probably not want to buy as much...

      I don't know whether Facebook-like ads are also going to be as popular as search-engine ads (such as Google ads) - and the underlying reason would be the same. Just my personal opinion and belief, may not be accurate...
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