Hubpages and 6 Sources of Income is a Good Thing

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Many of you are probably already working the Hubpages model to create needed backlinks and generate income from one of the 6 income sources. I only recently came to know about Hubpages and I discovered in a weird sorta way.

I was looking for a better and cheaper way to generate (organic) Traffic to my website and came across the SEO Lies Report by Justin Brooke (one smart SEO dude). Besides the awesome SEO information I got from reading his 35 page eBook, one of the many things I liked about Justin was he wasn't at all shy about outing other people's work product knowing there was no monetary gain for him for doing so. As a matter of fact, it was because of Michelle MacPhearson's Social Media Daily that turned I learned about this Hubpages opportunity which prompted me to write this post so someone else can uses this model to grow their online business.

But let me get to the point and tell you why I think Hubpages might be worth your time to investigate further.

If you click over to this Hubpage --- How To Make Money From Hubpages it explains in an easy to digest way, how this Web 2.0 portal works and how (with no too much effort or techie skill) you can create a Hubpage and generate income from 1 of 6 different sources. Plus, it helps with the backlinks we need to get Google PR and there are additional income opportunities as you will see from the Hubpage this guy Jimmy the Jock posted --

I would definitely look into all three of these links if SEO, Web 2.0 and creating the PR backlinks we all need to help get Google PR.

Here's the 3 reference links so you can zip over and check them out at your leisure.

Michelle Macphearson - Social Media Daily (excellent FREE report on Web 2.0 goodies)
Justin Brooke - SEO Lies | A Report About SEO Truths (This costs $1)
How to Make Money from Hubpages (another Free Report that explains how HP works)

I hope one of you guys (or girls) benefits from this long winded post of mine...

All for now,
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    Thanks for all these information
    >> Getting back into IM game <<
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    Thanks for the information. Add one more to the list.

    Ultimate Tag Ranker - this is a software that ranks your HubPages instantly in Google for multiple keywords. It comes with a report that tells you how to milk HubPages for more cash.
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    Thanks for sharing, James. Good stuff from the links you provided.
    When people are willing to share, it makes everything more worthwhile.
    Wish you every success.
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