How to Increase Open Rates With Your Thank You Page?

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I know there's been discussion on this topic before but I wanted to see how people used their thank-you page specifically.

Basically the niche I'm working in is Betta fish care and my email opt in promises to teach the reader 3 deadly mistakes to avoid, followed by a week of free general care lessons. Once they opt in the thank you page they have a big "Thank you, please check your email!" type message that explains that Deadly Mistake #1 should have arrived in their inbox. In the paragraph below that, I have a short OTO type message asking if they want to read a letter from a long time Betta expert who recently wrote a full care guide (the sales page for the product I'm promoting).

This is the setup of my thank you page, and my open rate seems low, message #1 only gets opened by 35-45% of the people who sign up according to Aweber. Is this a poor open rate? If so, how would you improve it?

I've tried a few configurations of the thank you page and nothing drastically changed my results.

Actually, if you care to see it, the page can be viewed at Thank You! - Betta Fish Care 101 - Guides & Lessons for Beginners

Thanks Warrior forum for helping with yet another of my inquiries, feel free to message me if there's anything I can help YOU with sometime!

- Brandon
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    First, I think your open rate is pretty decent. If you don't have a line telling your subscribers to check their Spam folder, that might help. And without knowing more I'd go to basics and suggest you have a really compelling headline to grab their interest. Good luck.
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    You're on the right track. Try adding audio or video instruction on the thank you page, telling people what to do next. That should give you a lift.
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      For the thank you page I'd remove the header and definitely
      get rid of the navigation bar. Why give people further options
      to go elsewhere on your site at this point?

      Decide what your M.W.A. (Most Wanted Action) is for
      the page and then develop a headline and copy focused on
      getting them to do that.

      Use a large sans-serif font instead of the fancy script
      font that's distracting and not very easy to read.

      So, do you want them to go and check their e-mail OR do
      you primarily want them to check out your affiliate offer?

      If you want them to click through to your affiliate offer,
      then consider making the text link much bigger and in
      bright blue. Also, cloak your links so they look more
      natural, friendly and are more clickable. And use more
      compelling copy - especially in the anchor text.

      Regarding your open rate stats it's hard to tell if it's a
      good or bad figure as open rate states are inaccurate
      and vary from list to list and market to market.

      For example, text messages don't register as opens
      (unless a link is clicked within the message) and many
      e-mail clients have images turned off so the open rate
      tracking image doesn't get triggered.

      So, it's likely that you've got more than 35-45% of your
      subscribers opening your first message.

      Dedicated to mutual success,



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    Thanks, I always love being able to tap and be a part of the community here, so many helpful people ; )
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    From what I've read on other posts, they say an 6-8% open rate is great.

    I get over 100% open rate on my first email and over 50% on the follow up.

    However, I work on getting very targeted traffic in the first place and I use a squeeze so that the people who do sign up are looking specifically for what I'm giving them.

    On the Thank you page I just tell them to check for the confirmation email at to add the email address to the address book so that it doesn't go to spam on the sales letter right over the opt in box.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

    Guaranteed 60% Opt In Rate Traffic-Real People-Fresh Today-High Quality Biz Opp traffic![/URL]
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    I agree with Shaun about keeping your thank you pages and landing pages clean and unique from the normal site pages. Visually, I'm a little distracted by that nice header/nav bar you have.

    Have you tried using graphical buttons for your CTA's on the page rather than text?

    Or perhaps formatting the page a little differently with some photos and even a screen grab of the video? Just a few random thoughts.

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    I like the idea of adding video or audio, as far as making the page blank/without the navigation bar, the editor I use makes it difficult to do that as it's not a wordpress theme like (I think) many of you use.
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    Hi Brandon,

    What are you using? One bit of advice about audio - IMHO don't have the audio fire off automatically when the page loads. I personally hate that, but it's just my OP .

    Reformatting the page and adding some graphics to the body message should help draw the eyeballs better though, even if you can't optimize it as you mention.

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