Anyone have success with "business in a box" model?

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I'm just curious if anyone would be willing to share their experiences with selling a "business in a box" product. I remember buying one or two a few years back but just wondering if there was still a market for this type of thing.

Any and all opinions are appreciated.
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    I sold a 'business in a box' product before. Typically, when people hear the words 'business in a box' they think everything that they need is already placed in the toolkit you're providing them which is misleading because the customer actually has to do work in order to achieve results.
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    As long as you believe in your product it can sell.
    If you don't believe in it yourself it will be hard to sell.

    I sold "a business in a box" a few years ago, I believed in it , and was using this model myself. The model was based on MLM and how to drive traffic, it got me conversion rates of up to 15%! However that was back in 2003 and things where a little easier back then...

    There are no such things as "a get rich quick" or "1 click make $500 the next day" systems, and i would never try to make such a thing my core business, as i don't believe in them.

    In the example I stated above I was always warning my customers that you will get out of the system by what you put in. I was also genuinely helping my customers by offering free HTML template sites, links to good forums and free advertising sites, graphics to use, advertising text to use. And i gave my phone number so they could call me if they had questions. This and my state of mind about my product is what made me stand out and crush most of my competitors.

    What i am trying to say is:

    do you have a real passion for your product?
    do you really believe in it?
    When people question your product do you feel the urge coming up to prove they are so wrong?

    If not..go back to do niche research and find something that you really have a passion for.

    because if you don't - you will likely to have to compete with other marketers in the same niche that are passionate about the product and you will not be able to compete, they will crush you..

    The question : "does a business in a box sell?" is the wrong question really....I am convinced you can sell anything if you have a real passion for your it, otherwise its going to be real hard.

    Another thing i swear by, is the "law of abundance", or "law of attraction". I believe your mindset is essential. i have five videos about the subject on my site under the link law of abundance, otherwise search it in google you wont regret it, i am not trying to sell anything trust me, i am not selling this concept nor am i ranked in google for it. it is something i believe in and i think every entrepreneur should know the concept, regardless if u want to believe in it or not.
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