by brit16
8 replies that are free to use on a website? Can anyone tell me what to look for when trying to find pics to use. How can I tell if they are legal to use? I want to make sure I am not using anything that I should not be. Thanks.

Suggestions for particular photo websites would be great.
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    If you are looking for free loyalty free images my favourite site is:
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    When you can purchase pictures so inexpensively, I don't see the point of using free images. They are already overused, and often they are not great quality.

    I use CanStock. For most web purposes you can buy the least expensive, low dpi version of an image - high dpi images take longer to load - and usually cost $1 or $2 each.
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    Here is an article I wrote yonkers back. I still use a lot of the sites, so it's still valid.

    60 Free High Quality Stock Photography Sites | Freebies, Graphics
    Honest, No-BS Reviews Of WSOs...
    I test products... before I give my final review.
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      Thanks, I will be checking these sites out right now.

      New to IM, any honest advice appreciated!

      My blog (first IM project!).....IVF Success Stories

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    Try and search for "photos" or "[keyword] photos". Since just about everything that comes up will be a government run website, almost all of the photos should be in the public domain. Just check the Terms of each site and most will tell you what is, or isn't, public domain material.

    You can also use Google's Advanced Search option--which they've hidden at the bottom of the page for some reason--to find images. Click "Advanced Search" on Google and then expand the "Date, usage rights, region, and more" part of the search form. Set the usage rights to "Free to use, share or modify, even commercially" and then just search for your keywords. When the results come up, click "Images" on the menu on the left hand side and you'll find all kinds of free images that you can use any way you wish.

    Next, you can search for images with a Creative Commons license at Flickr also has photos under various Creative Commons licenses. However, you'll generally need to provide credit when using these images, but that's a small price to pay.
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    This is a pretty good source of pics across a BROAD range of subjects:
    Wikimedia Commons

    Also, you'll find details of other websites offering public domain images here:
    Wikipediaublic domain image resources - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



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    stock.xchng - the leading free stock photography site is a good place for free ones. I would recommend using a paid one. For $1 or $2 dollars you can get pictures that aren't over used and crap!
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