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This is going to be my public journal on my experience using "Proven Income Methods" from Jan Roos. I decided to use his product because of the comments of others, I'm new to all this. Today is the beginning. What's happed thus far:
  • Found him on YouTube
  • Resarched him on Google did not find anything like what I'm doing here. Only slick review sites that offered a link to him. Don't trust those any more.
  • Back to YouTube. Discovered two products "The Physical Affiliate" $97 and "Proven Income Methods" $47 They seem to be the same, but don't know for sure.
  • Bauser Moretti has a video on Proven Income Methods where he takes us on a tour of of the membership site. Looks good, so I buy from his affilate link and get some free goodies from him that I've not looked at yet.
  • What I got does not match the video from Bauser Moretti from October of this year. Not sure what is going on there.
  • The videos I got the first one on installing WordPress has Jan welcoming me to the free WordPress tutorial videos, not what I expected to hear, dissappointed.
  • Many inconsistancies on the website. It calls out different numbers of videos, further makes me doublt what I bought vs what I got.
  • The website referrs to chapters, the PDF has "steps" which I cannot reconcile between the two.
These inconsistancies concern me, but hey, I only rolled the dice on $47. More updates to come.
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    How about posting this to your Warrior Blog and we can subscribe to follow your journey?

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      That appears to be a paid service. Honestly, I don't want to spend the money on it.

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        Originally Posted by Dustin Wright View Post

        That appears to be a paid service. Honestly, I don't want to spend the money on it.
        Then you'll need to get a blog somewhere else. We do not allow "follow me" threads here. They would proliferate too quickly and take up too much of the front page in no time. Not to mention that they almost always turn into sales threads...

        Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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    I forgot to mention in my opening post that when I realized I did not get what I thought, I submitted a request for help through Jan's contact us link on the site I'm a member of. No response yet. The other guy with the free goodies responded in about two hours.
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