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I understand a lot of you warriors have IM as your main business and have established sites/companies and whatnot, so my question to you all is.. Should I form an LLC for IM business and if so, how do you go about the process? Should I form an LLC for tax purposes.

Example: I just recently started making really good money online using my SS# as my TAX ID for some CPA programs , but If I want to get a car or loan or something that requires a pay stub I would need to seem legit like I can prove that im making really good money. Is forming an LLC the right way to go?..Any info would be great thanks!
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    Best bet would be to go to your local Small Biz Development Center or your nearest CPA Certified Public Accountant.

    Between the two you should be able to get this knocked out

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    yes, you should have an llc. but they are just to protect you from a legal standpoint. an llc is a "pass through tax entitiy" just like a sole proprietorship. in English that means that any money your llc makes will be "passed" on to your SS#.

    there are several companies that will help you file all the right paperwork and such to form your llc. a quick google search will give you that info.

    and to be clear, i am not a lawyer or tax specialists, so dont take this post as legal or financial advice. although it is the same damn thing a high priced guy with a fancy degree will tell you.
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