Are these five issues confusing you, too?

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1. Do not confuse your prospects with yourself. So maybe you'd NEVER pay more than $10 (or whatever) for an ebook. Guess what? Your prospects might happily pay $100 all day every day. Or $1000. Or $5000. You are not your prospect.

2. Do not confuse WF "newbies" with beginning marketers. They're new to the Warrior Forum community, yes -- but not necessarily new to marketing. And don't think post count has any relation to income or expertise.

3. Do not confuse money makers with a business. A lot of folks here are thinking short-term, because they needed money like yesterday. But if you're always thinking short term, then you're always going to be scrambling and hustling to make the next mortgage payment. Start thinking long-term. How is your business model going to expand and support you next year... in five years... in ten years?

4. Do not confuse marketing channels with business models. So you picked up a few bucks making YouTube videos or whatever. Great. Just keep in mind that you found a marketing channel. Now find yourself some other marketing channels to diversify and grow your business.

5. Do not confuse saving money with getting a good deal. Trying to do something "on the cheap" could cost you a lot more in the long run. Save money where you can, but not at the expense of getting shoddy products or services.


p.s. I bet we could make a list 100 items long. Your turn.

Finish this statement: Do not confuse ___________...
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    "Sun Tzu - Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."

    6. Do not confuse tactics with strategy.
    Many people will talk about specific tactics in the context of a strategy. For example, using SEO to promote your niche sites is not a strategy.

    A strategy is the framework that supports & gives direction to the tactics you use to accomplish your goals. Tactics are the methods & actions you take to implement a strategy.

    So for example, lets say your goal is to become a leading authority & trusted advisor in the remote viewing niche. Part of your goal is to generate 10 subscribers a day to your email list. You guesstimate that you will need at least 100 targeted visitors per day to achieve that goal.

    Your break those 100 visitors down to 5 targeted keywords. You now decide on the appropriate TACTICS that are be best suited to target those 5 keywords. For example your tactics might be to create 5 highly optimized landing pages and use SEO in combination with forum marketing and blog commenting.

    Creating 5 landing pages, using SEO, forum marketing & blog commenting are all tactics.

    By separating tactics from strategy you can make better decisions and changes if & when they are needed. Understanding the difference between strategy & tactics and creating your marketing plan with that knowledge will help you maintain better clarity & objectivity in the tactics you use & in interpreting the results you get.

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      7. Do not confuse "article directories" with "article submission sites". A "directory" (much narrower category) is specifically a depository of content available for syndication, which may be republished (subject to the TOS), and it doesn't require submissions to be "previously unpublished".

      Thanks for starting this thread, Becky. I'll be back with more later if we haven't got to 100!
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    Do not confuse failure at a tactic as being a failure as a marketer: Just because you try something and it doesn't work does not mean that you aren't cut out for this business. Heck, it might not even mean that the thing you tried is bad. It just means that in one case things didn't go your way. Take whatever lesson you can from said action and get back on your horse. No pity parties in this business.
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    Good ones! Alexa's post reminds me of another:

    9. Do not confuse SEO fodder with "high quality articles." Enough said, methinks.
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      11. Do not confuse marketing with business. Your business is NOT internet marketing because internet marketing is NOT a business. Internet marketing simply means the act of doing business or promoting your business on the internet by whatever method or methods you choose.
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    9. Do not confuse being busy with being effective

    Is what you are doing right now actually help you achieve your goals or not?
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    Oh, we're numbering these? Well, this is 10. I guess (unless someone posts faster ).

    Do not confuse time spent on the Warrior Forum as time spent as an "Internet Marketer": Sure, this is a fun place to hang out and learn a bunch of stuff. Just because you are on here posting all day though does not mean you are suddenly going to turn into a super whatever you want to be. To get where you want to go, you will have to actually go out and work for least for a little bit.
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    Hey Becky...

    Nice to see you posting. You should do it more often. Great food for thought.

    @ Lexy... enough of the avatar changes. This old boy can't cope!!
    Internet Marketing: 20% Internet - 80% Marketing!
    You Won't See The Light Until You Open Your Eyes.
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      Originally Posted by sal64 View Post

      Hey Becky...

      Nice to see you posting. You should do it more often. Great food for thought.

      @ Lexy... enough of the avatar changes. This old boy can't cope!!
      Combo breaker! (None of the graphics were funny enough to put )

      Don't confuse "advice" with ADVICE: As a newbie, it can be tough to know who to listen to. Everyone seems to have an opinion. and god only knows what's right. The truth is not as hard to find as you think. Look for the patterns: those giving good advice do so often, and on a site like this you will hear about it. This isn't just in the form of "Thanks" (I thank people when they say something funny for example); but in the form of reputation and testimonials. Also, the people that you should be listening to will make fact based arguments. The things that they say will be verifiable in one form or another. If all else fails, just use your common sense. Is what you are being told too good to be true or making you say "What the fudge packer?" If so, there is probably a good reason.

      Trust but verify my friends. Trust but verify.
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    do not confuse subscribers with customers - just because someone signs ups up to receive your freebie offer does not make them a customer.

    do not confuse a good customer and a bad customer - some customers deserved to be fired. likewise, some customers deserved to be taken care of at almost all costs.

    do not confuse automation with automatic money. - automation makes your life easier by helping you to do repetitive tasks. automatic money - does not exist.

    do not confuse having knowledge of a subject with understanding something - A few days ago, I was watching the news, and a student was debating that adding government regulation didn’t really hurt small business. When a small business owner stood up and asked him how many businesses the student owned, he reluctantly answered none. Then of course the business guy asked the obvious question, “how the hell do you know what affect regulation has on business when you have never owned a business” The point is that while the student had probably studied the topic, he was ill equipped to answer questions by people who were actually on the front lines of the topic.
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      Originally Posted by David Keith View Post

      do not confuse having knowledge of a subject with understanding something
      ^^Maybe the smartest one yet. I'll even admit to being guilty of this more than just a few times .
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        Do not confuse "Alexa Smith" with "Alexa rank"

        Do not confuse WSO Pro with Warrior Forum.

        Do not confuse WSO OTD for Endorsed by the Warrior Forum.

        Do not confuse War Room Member with Someone who knows what they are doing. :p

        "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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      Don't confuse YESTERDAY with TOMORROW.

      What happened in the past is no guarantee the same circumstances will produce the same results if repeated. Things change. Keep testing.

      You didn't know something yesterday, but don't let that stop you from moving forward tomorrow. You'll learn new things. Keep growing.

      Old techniques that were rocking it 5 years ago may be dead tomorrow. Or today. Don't assume every old ebook makes a great bonus/give away. Every tactic to game the system elicits a reaction from the gamed. Ask Google.

      And don't confuse me with somebody who gives a ****...

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    Don't confuse dreams with goals. You can start with a dream...but you have to add specific steps that have deadlines and measured results. Dreams stay in your head...goals require action.

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    Do not confuse a WSO stating "a tried and tested top secret marketing strategy which will guarantee you one BILLION dollars every ten seconds" as something that will even make you a dollar and which you can probably already find on the net for free.

    "You become what you think about most of the time" - Think BIG!!

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      Don't confuse The Last WSO you will ever Need! with The last wso you will ever buy.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Don't confuse activity with money making activity.

    Don't confuse your role in the business... you are not a webmaster... you are a marketer.
    Internet Marketing: 20% Internet - 80% Marketing!
    You Won't See The Light Until You Open Your Eyes.
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    Do not confuse A make money online blog with making any money online

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    Do not confuse anyone's do not confuse statements for written in concrete facts.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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      Do not confuse advice on this forum for legal advice.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Do not confuse your Google #1 Ranking with a guarantee of always being #1.
    Gone Fishing
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      29. Do not confuse "your own site" with a free subdomain actually owned and controlled by a Web 2.0 company (such as Blogspot/Blogger, HubPages, Squidoo or and permanently subject to their ever-changing terms of service and their idiosyncratic and inconsistent interpretations and enforcement of those: you're not building "your own" business safely, if someone else owns/controls your site (and don't imagine that "you have no choice" just because you have no money and/or no credit-card).
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    Do not confuse statistics with useful information.
    Sometimes they are just statistics.
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    do not confuse me! lol

    thanks to all the poster so far i need a reality check and seeing this thread put me there.

    also do not confuse me with the real Elvis i cannot sing!
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    Do not confuse hype and BIG RED LETTERS with honesty.
    Honesty is for the most part less profitable than dishonesty.
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    Dang, I'm outta thanks... and there are some great contributions here! You guys are awesome.

    (Do not confuse an OP who's run out of thanks with an OP who doesn't care about your contribution! )
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    Do not confuse "what I do" with "what works."

    At best, it is "what works for me." More often, it is "what worked once that time you were looking." And even if you understand how well and how often it works, you may not entirely understand why it works.

    And that goes for "what you do" as well, and "what he does" and "what they do" and all of that. Yes, I know you'd like to be a Pepper too, but success in business is a little more complicated than cracking a can of delicious refrigerated beverage.

    Don't put too much stock in the spotlight shining on something that works. It may never have worked before; it may never work again; there may be a small army of stagehands making it work behind the scenes. It may even be just a special effect because it doesn't really work at all.

    And even if it does work, remember: even a blind dog finds a bone sometimes. That doesn't mean blindness helps you find bones, so don't go racing off to poke your eyes out.
    "The Golden Town is the Golden Town no longer. They have sold their pillars for brass and their temples for money, they have made coins out of their golden doors. It is become a dark town full of trouble, there is no ease in its streets, beauty has left it and the old songs are gone." - Lord Dunsany, The Messengers
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    Do not confuse get rich quick schemes with building a stable income.

    After all, just with anything else, if you really want to make a good, steady income from IM, you have to dedicate time and effort to it. Things do not typically happen overnight. Success happens after trial and error, and lots of it.
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    Here's what Jenn Dize had to say:
    "I can safely count her work among some of the best I've read."

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