Is It Unusual to Give Away Someone Else's Ebook?

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I sell a physical product on my site. I found someone in my same niche who gives away a free ebook that she's written on her site. With the sale of my product, I'd like to give away her ebook as an added incentive. Of course, I would leave her ebook untouched with all her branding intact. I would also contact her prior to giving away her ebook to ask for permission. My simple question is: "Is this weird?" ...or is this simple IM standard practice? (Almost embarrassed to ask this question because I'm not a newbie... I've done a bit of affiliate marketing but this is my first time to dabble with physical products.)
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    I think that is fairly standard practice, actually. I have done something similar before.

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    It's certainly presumptuous to assume you would be allowed to also give it away just because she does, you would be likely be seen as diluting the exclusivity of her offer if it's a squeeze page incentive, often authors include a usage right lists like PLR books always have.

    People do put out viral marketing books filled with promotional links that they encourage others to redistribute.

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    All digital products come with distribution rights (specified and unspecified), so you'd better contact this person and ask what they are before going any further.
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      yep, make sure to check with the author about distribution rights. She probably gives it away to build her list. You could ask for her permission or buy some PLR and make it your own and then give that away.
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    I don't think it's "weird" at all. Assuming she gives you permission, which I don't see why she wouldn't unless she's collecting email addresses for it on an opt-in page or something, then you're not doing anything that's out of the ordinary.

    One thing you could do is try to get a joint venture going with her. If she has her own product and an affiliate program you could offer to distribute her ebook with sales of your product--thus getting her more exposure and possible sales--in exchange for her giving you a copy of her ebook with your affiliate links to her product inside it. This benefits both of you as you get to offer a good bonus to your customers which will increase your sales and your customer's opinion of you, not to mention affiliate commissions from the ebook, and she gets more exposure and potential customers from those who purchase from you.
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